May 19, 2018

Finding Love

I primped and perfected

or so I thought

but felt nothing.

I floated in an ocean of if only

and why not

as the waves grew higher

and brought me down.

You reached out,

you lifted me up,

you loved me.

You saw your beloved

absent of all those doubts

and insecurities.

The waters stilled

and as I looked at my reflection in them

I saw you.

By Martha L Shaw – ©2015




April 18, 2018

My recent total hip replacement surgery was a success and in a few months, God willing, the other will do likewise!  The Lord showered me with His presence and love the entire time!

I continued writing while in hospital, but low tech – PEN AND NOTEBOOK!  Be blessed!

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Hospital Stay

May 9, 2014

I have been in the hospital due to an injury which could lead to the amputation of my big toe on my right foot and am also still healing from a long-standing left foot injury.  These, my care giving and recent loss of my much loved mom have worsened other health and provision challenges and have LOUDLY reminded me of the importance of faith.  I value your prayers and will have more positive messages to share soon.

If Sin Is Popular . . .

August 22, 2013

then it is no longer sin, right?

question-marksOkay, relax.  This isn’t going to be one of those “I am perfect, what’s wrong with the rest of you” posts.  I am not perfect.  But as unpopular as the topic of sin is, I feel there is a message I need to share.  Lately, I have seen one too many news stories on TV, in magazines, status updates, posts, and the like which glorify wrong doing.   It is often clearly spoken of as “wrong” yet such messages go viral!  It is loudly declared to be  “dreadful” when a certain person did “this or that” and we claim  to be shocked and dismayed that he (or she) could ever do such a thing . . . yet, the stories are repeated in  great detail on all forms of media and I’ve noticed the smiles on the faces and the gleam in the eyes of those reporting on these things as well as those listening or reading of them.  It is also clearly profitable to do so!  Don’t think so?  Check out the books and magazines getting the best spots on the display shelves.

The heart warming stories of those who’ve gone the extra mile to follow the will of the Lord get a lot of people excited as well if we can find them.  But they sure don’t make the front page, they are said in the last 5 minutes or the last 60 seconds of the news broadcast, or are squeezed in after the used car ads in the sections of the paper most of us toss out without reading.  The actions of folks we claim to be upset over, however, are on the top of every list of news to share, to discuss at length, and to repeat at every opportunity.  Bad behavior consistently goes viral in social media while good is ignored, or scoffed at.

child reading

We claim to want to change the world.  We claim life isn’t “what it used to be” and that some things are “just wrong.”  We are to blame for the mess we’re in.  We are the reason life is what it is, and we truly can change the world.  It begins with one step in the right direction, with one uplifting smile, one open heart, one resisting evil . . . who is the Lord of your life?  Is it Jesus?  Can people tell by your actions?  I do not know if I’m reflecting Him the way I should be  . . . in a way that “they’ll know” but I hope so and I pray that I do, and I’m committed to trying harder.  Join me?

What ELSE Is The Lord Leading Me To Do?

August 13, 2013

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