October 3, 2016


Obstacles . . . we grow so accustomed to them that we are completely blind to their existence . . . and all too often, we created them ourselves!  Life brings us lots of “I wonder why” moments but it also brings us “no, really! I am fine!” discussions when folks around us try to help us breakthrough our prison walls and be all we can be. Take me, for example.  For years I was encouraged to attend a        Christian retreat called Cursillo.  I always politely said “no.”  Mythoughts were “I know who Jesus is” and “I go to church.”


After years of urging, I noticed folks who went on the retreat came back so happy . . . so changed.  Of course I knew I did not need to change, but decided it might be fun and my friends would finally lay off.  So I went to Cursillo.  BREAKTHROUGH!  MY life was forever, eternally, changed!  There was so much more for me in life with and IN Christ than I realized.  He is my lover and best friend and so much more!  I can do NOTHING without Him and do not want to.


Life has many obstacles . . . preventing us from:


  1. Returning to school
  2. Buying a home
  3. Paying a bill
  4. Dieting
  5. Cleaning out the garage
  6. Growing in relationships
  7. Writing a book


Are you being held back in some way?  Facing an obstacle?  In need of a breakthrough? Pray about it!  Reflect and listen to your heart!  Seek counsel.  KNOCK DOWN THAT WALL!



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