March 3, 2019

The voice of change,

of peace,

of growth,

of renewal

comes in a whisper.

We must make the choice to listen.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2016 words and image




March 2, 2019

 bedroom comfort

Crickets and rain drops outside my window,

Quiet my distracted soul

And not unlike a lullaby,

I feel my spirit finding rest

In You.

By Martha L Shaw © 2014


February 11, 2019

When The Storm Passes . . .

The threat of a storm lasted long, but now that the storm is over it seems as though it was quite brief.  How often do we find this to be true?  After it has gone, the beauty in its wake seems brighter than ever before  . . .

Here are some photographs taken after other storms have gone.  It seems there is a message in their beauty.


29 He stilled the storm to a whisper;
   the waves of the sea[a] were hushed.    – Psalm 107:29


January 28, 2019

This image was taken by me in the home I used to live in.  Winter was steadily providing snow and I was stronger then and loved to go out in the middle of the night to shovel as I was a banker then and needed to get to my office.  The moonlight reflected on the new fallen snow glowed  so my yard lookedlike midday.  There were always neighbors out doing the saame thing as me.  We often had PJs on with storm wear.  I can still feel the warmth of those times in my life!

Warmth In Winter


Though it’s still winter,

with you always in my heart

i celebrate spring!

by Martha L Shaw – Copyright 2016





January 23, 2019


Thank you!

January 19, 2019

A single rose bloomed on a cold winter’s day! 

I knew it was from You! –

By Martha L Shaw – ©2019



November 29, 2018

Do not accept information from the WRONG source!  This is a blessed time of year as we prepare for the Lord’s birth, but it can be painful and stressful as well.  Why? To name a few:

  1. budget
  2. grief
  3. away from family
  4. illness
  5. loneliness

The evil one always seeks to steal our joy and he does it well!  PLEASE do not let him.  In Christ, you are loved with a love you can NEVER LOSE!  BELIEVE!  It is the best gift ever and one you cannot lose!



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