Beneath My Feet – Photo Challenge

August 7, 2015



Love – Simply Defined

August 15, 2014

You Are Part Of Me

October 12, 2013

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Genesis 17:7

7 I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

October 11, 2013

God speaks to me 2

Image title:  God Speaks To Me  

Photo taken over Silver Lake in Tewksbury MA

© 2006-2013 Martha L Shaw – all rights reserved




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De Colores

October 10, 2013

Copyright 2007-2013 by Martha L Shaw

Kisses From God – Poetry Without Words

September 30, 2013

By Martha L Shaw – © 9-30-2013  All Rights Reserved

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

September 27, 2013

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In response to this week’s photo challenge I present to you a slideshow highlighting some of my own art – a few of the many quilts I have made.  I hope you will enjoy it!

Baking and Breaking Bread

September 23, 2013

Acts 2:42

42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

four ingredient french bread

French Bread – 2 Pound Loaf

This quick to make, simple loaf is yummy, sure to please, and claims to be healthy.  The recipe has been floating about the internet for so long it is not possible to know where it originated . . . likely somebody’s grandma!

I made it in my bread machine opting for a light crust (color) and choosing the rapid setting.  If your machine doesn’t have a rapid setting, I am told the regular setting works fine.  Realize this will take much longer.  On my machine the regular (basic) setting is 3 hours compared to 1 hour on rapid.  I even sliced it while it was hot, being impatient to taste it!

Being watchful of the order in which your bread machine requires ingredients, here are all you need:

1 1/2 C warm water

4 C bread flour

1 -1/2 TSP Salt

2 -1/2 TSP Yeast

So simple and quick you’ll want to make extra to share!

Psalm 78:25

25 Human beings ate the bread of angels;
    he sent them all the food they could eat.

Reign Down

September 22, 2013

The kiss

Of an autumn breeze

Touched the green leaves

And crowned them in gold!

All hail, the new season

Has begun!

By Martha L Shaw – © 9-22-2013 – Words and Pictures


Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

September 20, 2013

© 1995-2013 Martha L Shaw  – all rights reserved

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