You NEVER Leave Me – or Give Up On Me

October 1, 2016

Direction – A Poem From My Soul

Your love fills my soul

And your peace

Is like nothing I could imagine.


This morning I woke with a start,

I stopped to think

And stumbled off the path.

My fear-frozen heart beat too fast

And my mind drew me

In another direction

But not a good one.

I breathed deeply,

I called out to you,

And you showed me the map

Leading me back to you.

The peace in my soul

Softly comforted me.

I smiled

Ready for a new day

Filled with wonder,

Filled with you.

By Martha L Shaw – copyright 2012


September 20, 2016


Your sweet whispers heal my heart and soul

And turn the tempter’s shouts to silence.

My leaden feet now dance with pure joy,

For all my burdens are yoked

Together with you!


By Martha L Shaw ©2016


Love Song

September 17, 2016

violinYour whispers

In our quiet place

Are a symphony.

By Martha L Shaw © 2014


September 13, 2016



I am generally quiet and sensitive, I am told.  But, you should know that I am also in love with a radical.  He came to break their rules . . . to change the world, this boy of an unmarried peasant girl, and He did! He also came to take my punishment, to set me free, to freely die so that I could live eternally with Him!



September 12, 2016

We surely can admit that we are a selfish society, yet we often seem more open to gifts from a fictional elf in red fur than to our Triune God!


Image result for gift


There it was

On the table in the hall.

A beautifully wrapped package

With a bow

And a tag.

The dust on the top and sides

Betrayed the fact that

It lay unopened for a very long time.

Sad really,

As the contents surely would have been

A blessing to the recipient

Just at its use

Would have blessed the giver.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2013


September 11, 2016

I turned off the highway

Onto a quiet country road

Thinking I knew where it went.

“He leads me . . .”

Surely this is the way home?

Fear set in.

I saw nothing familiar.

I saw no homes,

No shops.

I saw nothing.

“He leads me . . . “

Panic began to set in.

My phone wasn’t working.

Do I have enough gas?

I’m hungry and tired.

I want to go home.

Where am I?

“He leads me . . . “

My head hurt.

My hands started to shake.

I saw nothing . . .

“He leads me . . . “

I pulled over to the side of the road.

Glanced around,

Locked the doors,

Breathed deeply

And closed my eyes.

“He leads me . . . “

I took another slow, deep breath . . .


I realized I heard something.

I heard the movement of water

And opened my eyes to see a pond.

It was just yards from me

And a breeze caused the water

To make a musical sound.

I realized a chorus was singing

To the music

And looked to find birds in a nearby tree.

Looking to the other side

I saw fields of sunflowers

Smiling heavenward

On the sunny afternoon.

How could I have missed these

Driving along?



There was beauty everywhere.


I saw a nearly full tank

And realized I was in no hurry.

“He leads me . . . “

The gentle sounds and breeze

Comforted me

And I knew I wasn’t alone.

I was traveling a new path.

Home is where He is.

Together we slowly drove ahead.

I smiled with a thankful heart.

                   By Martha L Shaw – Copyright 2012

Redemptor’s Kiss

September 7, 2016


Listen to the silence

Whose music stirs my soul,

And whose breath,

Like a kiss,

Touches me

And leaves me forever new.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2013

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