April 17, 2015

Tiny buds appear

In what had been barren ground

Opened eyes and heart

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-15-2015


Resurrection – Haiku

April 16, 2015

Up before daybreak

celebrating the sunrise


By Martha L Shaw – © 4-15-2015



April 15, 2015


As darkness covers the daylight

A stillness in the air

Whispers of the coming storm.

The birds,

Unmoved by its message,

Do not alight from the branch.

Again the sun will rise.

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-15-2015

Childhood Memories

April 15, 2015

Winter’s snow melted

out to play after dinner

bedtime in daylight

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-15-2015

me and debby

Welcome Spring

April 15, 2015

Dark and rainy days

dry ground be satisfied

tulips awaken

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-15-2015



April 14, 2015

haiku journal

Haiku Journal, published  by Prolific Press, has just released issue 36 both online as an e-magazine and in their bookstore in print format.  I read their publication and find their poetry beautiful and am honored to be one of the featured writers in this issue!

For more information on this fine publication, to submit poetry for possible publication, to order from their bookstore, or to read their free online issues. click Haiku Journal or Prolific Press

New Song

April 14, 2015

Ah, the choir sings again

my favorite melody,

and everytime I hear it,

my heart is blessed anew!

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-14-2015



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