February 13, 2016



Were You Thinking of Me?

As I sit around the fire

Warming and weaving

Stories and memories with my friends,

My thoughts drift to you

And I wonder . . .

As you sat about the fire

With the twelve

Yet knew what was coming,

Were you thinking of me?

I believe.

Thank you.

By Martha L Shaw 2-14-2016

Say Ahhh . . . . men!

February 12, 2016

His love

is forever with us

let it touch you

By Martha L Shaw ©2007 – 2016 Words and Images

The Party’s Over

February 10, 2016

The crumbs are swept away,

Tossed out with

The plastic beads and paper plates

Of a season at its end.

Yet somehow,

Among the ashes, I can see

A spark . . .

The wick of a single candle

Starts to glow!

New Light,

New life is coming!

By Martha L Shaw ©2-9-2016


The Choice Is YOURS

February 9, 2016

A beautiful day

Cannot be defined,

Only experienced.

By Martha L Shaw © 2-14-2014



February 8, 2016

It was just an old rocking chair

 sitting in my grandmother’s house

when my parents first got married.

It was black,

sat in the corner,

and nobody ever used it.

My mother was dusting there one day

and discovered layers

and layers of wax build up.

Mom cleaned the chair,

then dad noticed

that the seat was falling apart

and rebuilt the chair with a new seat.

They are gone now.

The chair is mine.

I recently added quilts,

pillows, and teddy bears

that I’ve made.

The chair is nothing special

but when I sit in it,

it’s a family reunion!

By Martha L Shaw ©2-8-2016



February 8, 2016

I rise.

I fall.

I crawl.

All the while there is infinite wonder.

By Martha L Shaw ©1-29-2016

jesus hugs

What Do YOU See?

February 8, 2016

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