December 23, 2016

He’s Almost Here!

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Let us adore Him

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December 13, 2013

I’m sensible. I’m intelligent. I’m organized. I’m an artist and have vast experience academically and professionally in management and finance. Left brain, right brain – both. I’m good. My life at this moment? NOT what I was prepared for. Spent a lot of time in recent months and years trying to fill the gaps – to figure it out – to prepare if you will. Not good. There’s a difference be tween I AM and all that I am not. Now it’s Advent – we are at halftime in this season of preparation and I was dreading this season. Christmas coming? But I can’t . . . but I don’t have . . . but they expect . . . but I’ve always . . . sure looked like a disaster and heartbreak rolled into one. It hasn’t been.

I never thought I was all that “wrapped up” if you will in the secular gimme grabfest of the season, but when the plastic and commercialization of CHRISTmas which has become Xmas is ripped from our grasp, we . . . or I find there is more to prepare than a pile of cookbooks, cookie pans, dinner menus, and shopping lists full of “but he has everything, what should I get him?” A lot of that got re-examined this year and found its way to a lower place on my list. As I checked it twice, I found much of those things falling lower. What replaced them?

Prepare was redefined. It became mid-week Eucharists and quiet times of reflection. It became a time to really focus on sermons rather than distractions of where I’m heading next. It became a quiet day at church, a quiet dinner with a friend, a touch, a smile, a hug, an encouraging glance, and the knowledge that the innocent babe and King did it all for me! As we read of His coming, I also read of His last days as human . . . this season so much dreaded has been amazing! The qavah, the joy, the expectation, the peace, the love . . . it can’t be found in a mall or slipped down a chimney, but it can be found.

Are you prepared? There is still plenty of time!

Six Word Saturday – Tweet

February 16, 2013


Worm shortage!  Snow predicted – birds prepared!


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