What Are YOU Looking At?

May 26, 2011

“Look!”  How many times do the wee ones in our lives  get excited about something in front of them and call out to us with big grins and say “Look!”  Somewhere along the way they grow up and get to a place where the word “look” takes on a different meaning.  I can recall in high school if someone thought I was looking at them they’d ask “Whar are YOU looking at?”  Even now I know an adult who gets uneasy if she thinks people are looking at her and in a restaurant seems to always think others are staring at her. 

Our perspective on what we see and where we look sure does change.  Here’s another point to consider on the subject, though.  Driving down the street, take notice of the fact that your windshield is far larger than your rearview mirror.  Why is that?  Thinking of this as a parable for our Christian life, we need to realize that it’s far more important for a Christian to focus on where we are going than on where we have been.  It’s what our Lord asks us to do and He’s with us in the present, not the past.  Once again, a reason to be “like a child” and say “Look” excitedly and with a big grin because Jesus is with us!


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