May 8, 2017

When I was a child,

it did not really matter

that the carrot I pulled from the ground to eat

still had soil on it,

nor that I’d wiped the rest on my shirt.

The choice, there was none . . .

Focus on the carrot or on the dirt?


By Martha L Shaw – ©  2017

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“That Really Burns My Biscuits!”        

August 31, 2014


I read that simple phrase yesterday and like a simple song often does, it has stuck with me since.  Sigh, anyway it is Sunday and Labor Day Weekend, and still Summer and as this is my Sabbath day, I am enjoying It with people that I love, by spending time in church, by praying, resting, and making plans for the coming week and the coming season.  I love bread, love to bake it, share it, receive it, love it in many forms, and do not know anyone who doesn’t.  Making extra and sharing is always good.  I never get stuck with extra.  Yum.  Burn my biscuits?

I baked popovers yesterday.  I was told it was tricky.  I’d not made them before, but love them for a treat.  I found a way to make a small recipe of small ones.  Great for my own dinner when there is no guest to share with.  It was simple and came out good the first time!  I tweaked the recipe, cut down the size, and watched the oven.  Burn my biscuits?

The weather is great today!  I got to hug and be hugged by many folks I love and enjoyed lots of time with Jesus.  I was up early and eager to face my day.  Seemed a lot of people are away this weekend, or I thought so until I saw them on social media and knew they had slept in I guess.  I didn’t.  I broke bread with my Jesus and my brothers and sisters, ate dinner with someone I love, spoke to someone else I love on the phone and online.  Burn my biscuits?

Funny  thing.  The other day I overslept, needlessly rushed about, spilled some of my coffee, burnt my toast, pushed aside my quiet time, and did busy things.  We get busy and distracted and run late sometimes, don’t we?  Admit it.  Does the rushing and crossing things off the list help much?  I find life gets more messy if I allow myself to rush and get distracted and it creates more time lost than saved.  You don’t have to admit that.  I probably shouldn’t have.  Burn my biscuits?

Something occurred to me.  The things that matter most to me  . . . people, places, events, usually happen.  Oh, schedules get adjusted, and visits can sometimes end up being through cyberspace – at times – but what I value most, I find time to focus on.  It wasn’t always that way.  But I evaluated my priorities and trimmed some fat and it’s better this way.  I am better this way.  We like biscuits here . . . with my fresh preserves or country gravy.  I try to focus so I don’t burn the biscuits.

Happy Sunday!  Have a great weekend!

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