August 10, 2019

Why is the shepherd running ahead?

Does He not care?

Where are my caring friends?


nobody wants me!

“My child.

I Am ahead of you preparing the way!”

They quietly discussed His purpose,

though the child wondered.

Hearing and seeing many behind the two,

she asked the Lord

“What are they doing?”

“My child, they are fasting while providing prayer support!”

She knelt at His feet.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2019



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April 26, 2017

When you plant the seeds of love

the roots grow strong,

those roots go deep,

and the plant reseeds itself

throughout the garden

and beyond!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2017





April 7, 2017

The REAL Joy

reflecting on the crossI enjoy the applause.

Admiration is nice for a time


my lasting joy

is reflecting the Lord in all I AM and do.

I am nothing without His love.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2016


March 21, 2017

AT ONCE, when I committed my life to the Lord, these weak human eyes and this flawed human heart saw His Light, love, and beauty EVERYWHERE.  I was looking with the same tired eyes at the same spaces and places, but His heart in mine showed me what I had been missing!  Raking the brush in my yard, I gazed at the pile of twigs and such, and saw something more.  Within minutes, my hands assembled this cross entirely from a pile of brush.  Oh, how much more He can do when we turn in faith and love to Him!

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Tiny Effort Greatly Rewarded

January 26, 2017

Plant a mustard seed.

Simple, often overlooked

Yet richly provides.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2017

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You! You’re The One!

December 30, 2016

John . . . His focus on love is unique in that he refers to himself as the one Jesus loves and while this might appear as an exclusive statement, the focus of his writing says otherwise. We all need to be so aware and ready to share this important message of our Savior’s love. I am Martha L Shaw– the one whom Jesus loves.


Did you know that even if you were the only one His deathh on a cross could save, He’d STILL have given His all for you?  It is true!   Repeat after me.  Hi, my name is . . . the one whom Jesus loves!  On a rough day, repeat that until you believe it!


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December 28, 2016


The house is quiet.

It is early morning

And the moon is handing the reins to the sun.

The illusion of darkness fades

As the breath of a new day

Fills my heart and soul.

“Good Morning” Hope seems to say.

I rise.


By Martha L Shaw – © 2016




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June 25, 2016


The thunder still rumbles

And raindrops rapidly pound the now drenched earth

But a bright spot appears in the midst of clouds!

A prophesy assuring us that

Our hope in not in vain!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2016

By Martha L Shaw © 2-18-2015


April 5, 2016

I was doing my usual morning things and suddenly in the middle of this, the Lord stopped me with a message He wanted shared.  Maybe it’s for you.  

We all have regrets which hold us  back from all He holds out to us.  A huge one was just placed on my heart.  FORGIVENESS.  It is hard,  but by FAR the hardest one for me to forgive is MYSELF.  He wants me . . . us, to do that.  Receive His peace.  IT IS YOURS!



The Lord spoke to my soul!

August 24, 2015

He often lovingly whispers, but this time He called out victoriously to my soul and this is His message as I know it to be!

holding hands


Get up and dance!

Do you not hear the glad sound?

Have you not seen the sun?

Is the splendor of this day lost to you?

Place your feet on the floor!

Lift your hands!

As the trumpet sounds

Sail across the floor in harmony with me!

Dance, clap, sing, share!

I am yours!

You are mine!

Is this not cause to celebrate?


By Martha L Shaw ©8-24-2015

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