November 13, 2017

Such beauty

in a faded lily

still smiling in the sun!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2016

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November 10, 2017


You speak without words

Yet your message is so clear

And I ride the flame

By Martha L Shaw ©2017


November 7, 2017

betty carol

There are really none like my late friend Betty, pictured here on the right with her Mom on the left.  Her heart?  Prime example!  THE MOUSE!  If I met one in my house we are sure to find I freaked out and left town until it met its demise!  Not Betty!  She found one in the attic,thought it was SOOOOO cute,and fixed up a hamster cage for it.  It became family!

With a loving heart like that, can you imagine what a blessing she was to humans? 

Leviticus 19:18

18 “‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.

Come . . .

March 11, 2017

I was in our special place.

I needed to ask . . .

but did not see you.

I called out,

sensing your nearness.waiting

There you were.

“Here,  my child,

I’ve been waiting”

By Martha L Shaw © 2015



August 1, 2016

An apology is NOT giving up nor giving in.  It is a statement that the relationship is more important than who was right or who was wrong.



Often, sadly, the bickering continues long after the cause of it is forgotten.  Please don’t let this happen!

My First Glimpse At Abba! A Father’s Day Tribute

June 17, 2016

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My First awareness, first glimpse at Abba? Daddy it was you!  Though I miss you for you are with Him now, as another Father’s Day comes I am grateful to realize that, like Him, you are always with me!  Whether I sit in your favorite chair, admire your much loved sunsets, or hear the sounds of saws and lawn mowers hard at work, you are here! There is a chair at my table, a spot on my porch steps, a broken cookie or two . . . waiting for you still.  You always knew when I was baking and asked “if you have any broken pieces, can I . . . ”  I always broke some just for you!  You always fixed everything that I had that broke . . . whether it was my dolls or my broken heart.   Happy Father’s Day Daddy!  I love you!


May 23, 2016

By Martha L Shaw © 2-18-2015


I am floating

high above the clouds

where the air is light

and the sky is ALWAYS blue . . .


this is not a dream!

You really DO love me!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2016




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