Thoughts Over Morning Coffee

September 26, 2014


Do you ever have trouble sleeping?  I sometimes do.  I never did as a child.  If I close my eyes right now, by day, I can still recall the soft murmuring of Mama and Daddy talking in the other room.  I didn’t always understand what they were saying, but I felt safe and loved and knew everything would be okay and felt their comforting nearness as I drifted off to sleep.   I am not that innocent little girl anymore but whether I am feeling alone or not, my Abba is always near and loving me too!  All I need to do is let go, let Him take care of me, and rest knowing He will never abandon me . . . just like my earthly parents never did.


 He Holds Me Close

April 18, 2014

holding hands










Crickets and rain drops outside my window,

Quiet my distracted soul

And not unlike a lullaby,

I feel my spirit finding rest

In You.

By Martha L Shaw © 4-18-2014




Just Curling Up – A Poem and Reflection

March 2, 2013



I can’t recall a time when

I didn’t have a book in my hands

and several more close by.

I can be anyone,

go anywhere,

do anything.

I am without limits

when I’m buried in a book.

Reality can be a prison.


I wish the story wouldn’t end

so I read the book a bit more slowly.

Why, then,

when I’m on the path with Christ

do I rush and hurry

wanting to get “there”

when the gift of strolling

hand in hand with Him

is such a treasure?

Ever notice that it seems

sometimes the journey just stops?

Ever wonder why?

Perhaps it is when He spots a shade tree

and just wants me to curl up

and rest with Him!

By Martha L Shaw – © 3-2-2013

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