It Really WAS A GOOD Friday!

March 30, 2013

I can remember as a child and as a not so youngster wondering why in heaven’s name did they call it Good Friday?  They killed my Jesus?  That’s SOOOO not good.

That being said, the child grew up and learned some things . . . but along with the incredible gift of eternal life won for us by Christ’s death FOR US, I am just realizing that this year (unlike several Good Fridays in the last few years) it truly was a good one.  I felt His love, joy, and peace SO PROFOUNDLY and experienced relief from physical challenges, emotional heaviness, and so many of the “but how can I” situations which are best surrendered to Him in the first place!

I was with people I love, was sharing Him, and was seeing the Light in such wonderful ways.  I hope and pray that as this Holy Week comes to a close and the blessing of Easter is upon us tomorrow, that you all feel profoundly blessed on that day and in the days to come!

The Spirit – A Haiku In Three Stanzas

February 7, 2013


A frustrating day

But with you holding me close

I set my sights high.


Lord, I know your love.

I knew it in a friend’s hug

And the setting sun.


For, like you Jesus,

The sun, too, will rise again.

My heart warms with hope.


By Martha L Shaw  © 2-7-2013

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