The Importance of a Season of Rest

October 24, 2016

falling leaves 2

The dry leaves of my old life

Must wither and fall away.

Even as the wind

Blows the dust away,

It becomes the breath of new life

Whose seeds have already been planted.

Tiny sprouts rest and grow,

Eagerly pointing toward heaven!

By Martha L Shaw – © 10-14-2013

Say Ahhh . . . . men!

February 12, 2016

His love

is forever with us

let it touch you

By Martha L Shaw ©2007 – 2016 Words and Images

In Due Season

February 9, 2015

It is only when

I break through the frozen crust on top

that I can clear the drifted snow beneath

and reach the fertile ground.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  1-4-2015


It’s Not Over!

December 18, 2014
Digital Camera
The house was quiet
And the trappings put away.
I was tired,
Yet not ready to end the day
And sleep.
The sounds of peace,
The sweet taste of refreshment,
The glow . . .
Of stars,
Of moon,
Of Spirit . . .
It’s only just begun!
By Martha L Shaw – © 12-25-2012


December 13, 2013

I’m sensible. I’m intelligent. I’m organized. I’m an artist and have vast experience academically and professionally in management and finance. Left brain, right brain – both. I’m good. My life at this moment? NOT what I was prepared for. Spent a lot of time in recent months and years trying to fill the gaps – to figure it out – to prepare if you will. Not good. There’s a difference be tween I AM and all that I am not. Now it’s Advent – we are at halftime in this season of preparation and I was dreading this season. Christmas coming? But I can’t . . . but I don’t have . . . but they expect . . . but I’ve always . . . sure looked like a disaster and heartbreak rolled into one. It hasn’t been.

I never thought I was all that “wrapped up” if you will in the secular gimme grabfest of the season, but when the plastic and commercialization of CHRISTmas which has become Xmas is ripped from our grasp, we . . . or I find there is more to prepare than a pile of cookbooks, cookie pans, dinner menus, and shopping lists full of “but he has everything, what should I get him?” A lot of that got re-examined this year and found its way to a lower place on my list. As I checked it twice, I found much of those things falling lower. What replaced them?

Prepare was redefined. It became mid-week Eucharists and quiet times of reflection. It became a time to really focus on sermons rather than distractions of where I’m heading next. It became a quiet day at church, a quiet dinner with a friend, a touch, a smile, a hug, an encouraging glance, and the knowledge that the innocent babe and King did it all for me! As we read of His coming, I also read of His last days as human . . . this season so much dreaded has been amazing! The qavah, the joy, the expectation, the peace, the love . . . it can’t be found in a mall or slipped down a chimney, but it can be found.

Are you prepared? There is still plenty of time!

Welcome – A Tanka For the New Season

April 4, 2013

Natural Beauty 

Resting in the rain

And washed in His endless love

soothes body and soul.

Restored, renewed, and prepared

For the coming season’s change.

By Martha L Shaw © 4-4-2013  – Words and images

What Christmas Is Not . . .

December 19, 2012

Christmas is not in a mall or at a store of any sort.  It cannot be wrapped and placed under a tree.  Where can it be found . . . in our hearts . . . our souls.  Whether we are surrounded by a loving noisy mob of friends and relatives at home or are sitting alone, we always have those in our hearts and the King of Kings is always with us.  Celebrate His birth with me, won’t you?

Christmas collage

Seven Word Sunday

November 25, 2012

The Seven Word Sunday challenge is Caddo’s delightful idea.  To view her wonderful blog and learn more about it and about Caddo, simply click on the image.  Snag a copy of the image and play along.

Today, the last Sunday before the Christian season of Advent” is officially “Christ the King” Sunday and next Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent, brings us not only the lighting of the first Advent candle, but also the beginning of an entirely new Christian Year.  In honor of Him and of this time in our lives, I present you with the following:








Unripened Tomatoes and God’s Plan

November 18, 2012

Today’s sermon at church has me thinking.  My life is at, I believe, a point where the season is changing not unlike the weather . . . change . . . it is growing colder and it’s been a while since it was “flip-flop weather” and there are things I “need” and things I am concerned about and so I get impatient for change, but then there’s that taunting little voice that isn’t the Lord and it keeps trying to plant fear in me about change . . . sometimes my human impatience makes me want to rush ahead.

Tomatoes Clip Art

So, I’m thinking of unripened tomatoes.  My folks, when I was growing up, planted tomatoes in the yard.  Dad would get so excited when the first bud came, the first small green orb appeared in its place, a larger orb now clearly a tomato not yet ripe.  It seemed each year he’d grow impatient waiting for that first fruit and pick it before its time.  If you wait for the proper time and season, then pick the fruit, its sweetness is a delight, but if you run ahead . . .  rush things, it is a disappointment.

Life’s a lot like dad’s tomato plants.  Change comes.  It can be good if we are patient while we wait and stay in step with Jesus, but if we run ahead of Him . . . life is a bit like that unripened tomato.  Ah, but if we wait the harvest will be amazing!

Pumpkins At Harvest Color Clipart

I Am A Christmas Cactus . . .

October 15, 2012

Are you?

All was bright in life for a time, fragrant, and fresh.  Oh, how lovely it was to have those who gazed in my direction say “ahhhhh!”  Then, things in life began to droop.  My petals  . . .  where have they gone?  At least my leaves are still . . . oh, no!  Not my leaves as well?

How odd!   Wow, it’s dark . . . day and night are all the same.  What is to become of me?  Hmmm . . . A new season is coming, someone said . . . I wonder . . .

Hey, something within me is feeling different, new!  Maybe it IS a new season approaching . . . it is said that a period of darkness leads to a time when I will bloom anew!  It simply takes the Master Gardener’s touch . . .


by Martha L Shaw – Copyright 10-15-2012

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