June 7, 2017

Days of raindrops

Tinkling like fingers on piano keys

As birds hover beneath a leafy umbrella

Singing along.

Some called it a gloomy day

But I am blessed.

The dust of yesterday is gone

As a new season

Is freshly polished

For tomorrow!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2017

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March 25, 2017

Sprung! – A Haiku

Frosted palm  branches

Spring giggles excitedly

winter’s slow retreat

By Martha L Shaw © 2015


palm tree

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

December 7, 2012

Ah, I do love a challenge . . . there are many changing seasons going on in my life . . . spiritually, financially, and of course . . . it’s winter . . . which to face when they all must be faced.  Hmmmm . . .

Well, for starters, it is not and I do mean NOT flip flop season:

my socks

It is true.  I, a former yank (originally lived in MA) am now a southern belle (living in SC for 5 years) and I can tell newbie transplants from the rest of us because they still go without socks and wear shorts and flip-flops.  Not me.  My feet now get cold as early as December . . .

It’s true.  I’ve faced changes of season a plenty since coming here.  I’ve been seeking full-time employment for five years now and not found it yet . . . but I’ve had a number of temp jobs and at one I learned of a new kind of shoe . . . love shoes.  A category I didn’t know?  “Dress flip-flops.”  It was on a dress code report.  I never heard of such a thing.  Cool.

I’ve enjoyed changes of spiritual season . . . being without income in a new place makes one realize, or it did me, what trusting in the Lord is all about and I sure learned my faith was weak, but I’m working on it. I believe He’s got a new season for me in my faith coming up soon along with the change in our weather . . . so I shall keep pulling up my socks and keep praying.  When I first moved here I didn’t wear socks until February and didn’t pray as much.  I’m learning.  I’m changing.

 Learning and changing are GOOD!  

The Splendor of Being

October 23, 2012

I lift my hands

But you lift my soul.

As the autumn breeze stirs the dry brush

I mourn the loss of color,

But you prepare a place

For the splendor of spring

And its bounteous increase

While using the seemingly dull and sad fragments

As manna.

I close my eyes and look with my soul,

Taking a deep breath

I can almost smell the increase,

The new life,

As I smile at the beauty

Of eternity . . .

With YOU.

By Martha L Shaw – Copyright 10-22-12

Lord, Why Is This Happening?

June 18, 2012

Perhaps that title should or could say  “Lord, why is this still happening???”

Changes . . . seasons of the soul do change.  We learn, we grow, new challenges are brought to us, new awakening, new awareness of His love and promises . . . along with the changes come growing pains. Sigh.  Seems many of us are in a time of the current season going out like a lion.  I know I am.  When I am not staring down the many storm clouds, I admit to wanting to hide under the bed until the booms stop, but from that vantage point, I can’t see the light nor can I reflect it. 

For those of you who, like me, are quite aware of your imperfections, and are thrilled or should I say THRILLED AND RELIEVED AND THANKFUL that Jesus loves every weak and dysfunctional part of each one of us AND can still give our life purpose, I offer the following from Joyce Meyer:

“Don’t lose sight of the future God
has for you because you want to
be comfortable right now.”


How Did Joyce Meyer Know . . .

June 8, 2012

. . . what was going on inside of me?  Joyce said:

“Complication produces frustration, which produces anger, which ultimately produces a loss of joy.”

I was thinking . . . It seems to be hurricane season of the soul in my life.  The spiritual weather is all extremes, but the eagle knows he needs to use storms to his advantage and soars  If a bird can learn this, I can do it too.  So can you.  There’s comfort in that.

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