March 27, 2017


my other office

A lack luster morning

Holding me back

From being all I can be

And doing all I can do

Instantly made better by throwing open the drapes

And letting in the Son!

By Martha L Shaw © 2015 Words and Image

Freedom Found

July 3, 2015

I see the bird which flies above

but that eagle is not me.

For my freedom only came

upon my surrender to Thee.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  7–3-2015


The Servant’s Prayer

February 9, 2015


I cried out to you and you answered me.  You called me your own and as I sat at your feet you lovingly showed me the way to go.  You allow me to serve you but oh how my heart aches with desire for you and how I long to go still deeper in you, and to serve you more.  Lord, show me the way.  Amen


By Martha L Shaw – ©  1-4-2015


The Disciple

September 26, 2013



So sought after,

Doesn’t leave us free at all.

For still we hunger

For that undefined something .  . .

Always elusive.

True freedom can only come

In captivity.

The secret rests

In the hand which

Holds the key.

By Martha L Shaw – © 9-25-2013

Feathered Blessings

August 7, 2013


Feathered Blessings


Sweat drips from every pore


And sun blinds me.


So much work unfinished


As my heart pounds.


The mirror is my enemy


But the birds hidden among leaves


Sing “pretty, pretty.”


Weary and working to catch my breath,


I smile in their direction.


By Martha L Shaw © 8-6-2013

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