November 13, 2018

It seems we ALWAYS seek to do

things we choose, in our own way.

But sheep are never left alone

to make up their own minds.

They seem so calm and rested

and do as the shepherd tells them to.

Love and care he offers

and they easily accept.

They are totally dependant on him.

Yet when God reacts this way to us,

we turn the other way.

I used to think sheep foolish creatures!

But, they aren’t the fools,

we are!

By Martha L Shaw ©2018


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July 9, 2018

I tried to be all things for everyone.  Thinking back, I realize none of us were intended for that.  Hmmm . . . was I thinking of my Lord, my neighbors, or myself?  In my foolishness, I thought the answer was Jesus.  I remember reading the 23rd Psalm and thinking “STUPID SHEEP.” Me, I had it all together . . . NOT!   I  was all about Martha!

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Those sheep loved the Master, served Him well, and were lovingly cared for – Facing hunger or fear or uncertainty of any kind was no real problem.   The Master (Shepherd) who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask had it all together since long before we were we!  Those sheep had it good!  THIS SHEEP is gonna  follow the Shepherd far more closely than she used to!

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Ephesians 3:20-21 

20 Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.



Ah, those green pastures

Where did the still waters go?

Good, the Shepherd’s near!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2018




July 27, 2017

Thunderous applause

reaches me from above.

Some call it a storm

but I call it joy

Hidden wonders yet to come!

By Martha L Shaw – ©  2017


Baaaaa – A Word For Tuesday

February 4, 2014

sheep 2

Life is so much more complicated than it needs to be lately


But the shepherd is not giving up


So neither is the sheep.

You Are Free!

July 23, 2012

Those words may seem unrealistic . . . overly optimistic . . . childish . . . completely outside the realm of reality . . . but they are true.  When human sin took our freedom away from us and we hid from the only chance we had at regaining it – repentance and a relationship with God, He was compassionate and loving and showed this to us by sending us His Son who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  Our freedom is within us and has been won for us by Jesus Christ.  In living in His great love and accepting Him as our Lord and Savior, that personal relationship breaks the chains of bondage that we placed around our true selves and the eyes of our hearts can then see that the door is not closed and locked.  We are indeed free!  My internet access has been down for days and is supposed to be down right now.  I’m believing that the reason I am able to check my email and be online just now is to read the following quote which I was just sent and am sharing with all of you:

Free your heart from hatred — forgive. Free your mind from worries — most never happen. Live simply and appreciate what you have. Give more. Expect less.

– Stephen Covey –

Jesus died on the cross convicted of our sin.  Forgiveness is hard.  We or I tend to feel so hurt.  I don’t like it, and nor does anyone else.  It’s hard to feel the pain and realize I have to also forgive.  “They” did hurt me.  “They” willfully chose to.  I am a victim, so why should I forgive?  God wants to carry the heavy stuff for us as a shepherd carries the burdens for the sheep in his care, so our Lord God wishes to simplify things in our own lives.  In choosing not to forgive, we are carrying a heavy load which we are so weighted down with that we cannot live into the real and amazing life He has for us.  I know this because I carry pain just as all of you have done at some point.  In forgiving I am not saying “what you did is okay” but only saying “I release this to your loving hands, Lord God.  The life you have for me and my personal walk with you is so much more important to me than this load that’s holding me back.”  The sheep in this world can’t carry their own load.  What a mess life would be without the shepherd.  They’d get into dangerous situations, find no rest, likely be hungry and unable to find food or drink.  What a worrisome life.  But, the shepherd takes it on himself and leads, protects, provides food, drink, and rest.  The sheep trust him, know his presence and his voice, and live in the love and care of a shepherd . . . . free!

In our Lord God, we can be like those sheep and He is our Shepherd.  In releasing our burdens, our worries, our hurts to Him, we are free to live a much simpler life.  The path will not always be green pastures and the waters will not always be still, but we will never be lost for His crook is right with us and when we stray, He will draw us near.  He will guide us through the uneven slopes.  He will feed us and meet all of our needs.  We truly are free – for the freedom we seek is within us.  How can we find it?  He is the Way!

John Wycliffe, Priest, Shepherd, Minister of Change

December 30, 2011

On this day, December 30, 1384, John Wycliffe was in his deathbed yet still shaking things up in the Christian church.  Wycliffe, a priest, an Oxford Scholar, and chaplain to the King of England, was not only incredibly intelligent but also outspoken in his beliefs and did not hesitate to vocalize what he viewed as corruption in the church and among his fellow clergy.  These very clergy flocked to his bedside as he breathed his last fearing what his last words would be.  He spoke not a word.  He was instrumental in the very first England language translation of the Bible, believing that the people of God needed the Lord’s Word and needed to understand it.  His work was instrumental in later work to make available English translations of the Scripture.  Church leaders feared him because he spoke harshly against their theology and their leadership.  He urged clerics and church leaders of his day to live lives of simplicity and holiness and to shepherd their people rather than “plunder” them.  He died of a stroke.

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