The Songbird

February 4, 2012

Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a songbird will come.

– Chinese proverb –



Be Thankful and Believe!

July 12, 2011

A girl who dreamed of a music career wrote songs and sang and dreamed . . . she posted videos of herself singing them on social networking sites. She is now on tour promoting her new CD. She had tried to get on American  Idol not once but twice and never made it through round one – never got inside the building – sent home from the sidewalk where she had slept all night. Now, she’s on TV, radio, online, and on tour nationwide. They didn’t believe in her, wouldn’t give her a chance, yet she followed her dream and kept working at improving her skills . . . who is she? Her name doesn’t matter as that is not my point. She is you . . . she is me . . . you have something special that is yours alone – a gift from God. Nobody can take it from you. Be thankful and believe!

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