What ELSE Is The Lord Leading Me To Do?

August 13, 2013

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A Wednesday Challenge

January 23, 2013

I just read something on a social media site which struck me immediately as a challenge I needed to take on.


I challenge you to do the same.  Jesus did.  You see, to paraphrase . . . someone mentioned “the moment” when she realized why “nobody” likes a certain person.

Friends, we’ve all been the person “nobody” likes at some point in our lives . . . whether fact or fiction, I’m certain inside yourself you’ve felt that way.  I challenge you to take the high road, as Christ did, does, and requires of us.  I challenge you to find a reason to LIKE the person.  Might be difficult, but will surely change the world!

Mindlessly Simple Pumpkin Muffins

December 8, 2012

Okay, I admit it.  Overnight I’ve gone from “what is the name of heaven is Pinterest?” to “how did I ever live without it!”  So, I just read a recipe which is so mindless, quick, not high cal, and sure to be yummy.  I’m not going to the grocery store tonight so I can say I tasted these muffins yet, but they have 2 ingredients, yup.  One yellow cake mix and one can of pumpkin.  You got it.  Bake 20 minutes at 350.

I repinned it from a friend’s board . . . wow, I’m speaking a new language.  lol  Anyway, here’s the link the recipe came from which seems to lead to other recipes if you want to wander.  Click here.  Put the water on, you’ll want a cuppa with these.


Social Media Users – The Latest!

September 3, 2011

So, dear readers.  Are you over the age of 18?  You do not have to answer the question, but if your secret answer is “yes” I shall have to admit it does not surprise me.  Why you ask?  Read my recently published article on Techcnorati and learn more!



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