May 9, 2017

My mind can only know so much.

It is only when my heart and soul are fed

that I am forever changed.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  2017


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February 25, 2017


I stepped into my quiet place,

My favorite retreat.

The leaves still whispered in the breeze.

The birds still sang softly in the trees.

I gaze up at the blue sky,

enjoying their music.

My soul rejoices.

For this is not a place for silence.

It is the place where my soul

Can truly hear!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2017



Sing My Soul

April 1, 2014

I have suddenly realized

That the quietness of my soul

Is playing a much different tune

Than it ever has before!

By Martha L Shaw – © 4-1-2014


Joy Unmasked

September 4, 2013

The mask he wore


The sadness underneath.

Its bright colors,

Its painted smile,

Portrayed a joy

Not known

Yet hungered for.

He wandered about


Without finding it

For the answer was never outside

But held captive within his soul all along

Just waiting to be set free.

I pray he finds it.

By Martha L Shaw – copyright 10-28-12

A Tanka Poem on Reflection

January 17, 2013

cross reflected



The eyes? Two-sided

Mirrors of the soul . . . for when

All about us looks

negative,  the true changes

must begin within ourselves.


By Martha L Shaw – © 1-17-2013

Quote of the Day For Monday – Worry

November 12, 2012

Worry divides the mind.  – Max Lucado –

I see the point made by Lucado, one of my favorite writers of all time.  The real question is, I think, what does worry do to our soul?  As I view it, it wounds the soul . . . perhaps the bigger tragedy of the two.

The After Party – A Poem

October 5, 2012

The music has faded

And I have slipped off my dancing shoes.

My hair is astray,

My gown cast aside,

My hands held out

Remembering your touch.

All is quiet

And I wonder where you’ve gone . . .

Then from within

I feel your warmth . . .

I look up and you are here.

Perhaps, waiting for me

To notice.

by Martha L Shaw – Copyright 10-5-2012

Wordlessness . . . A Quote For Sunday

September 30, 2012

Perhaps, this being my Sunday post, my thoughts on this quote have been slanted some but I suspect the title of “wordlessness” is not one you’d expect a writer to jump to.  Oh, but one can be inspired at any given time and love, peace, inspiration, and other delights do not always require words, do they?  My thoughts might not be what the original quote relates to, but sometimes messages go from one being to another in the way we clasp hands, enjoy a sunset, a walk on the beach, or paging through a book of memories . . . simply heart to heart and soul to soul . . .


Much of what was said did not matter, and much of what mattered could not be said.

– Katherine Boo –


September 1, 2012

The puddles are still near

though the flood waters have receded.

Yet, I am blissfully unaware.

The splendor of your love

so shines in my heart

and lifts my soul

that I am blinded to all else.

I see only blue skies

lit with sun so radiant

that like the birds of the air,

I soar to new heights,

all the while singing your praise.

The storm has passed

and the memory of it has gone;

leaving, in its wake

a new day,

a new life,

a new spirit within me.

I am rested.

I am reborn.

I am free.

By Martha L Shaw – Copyright Sept 1, 2012

Why Happiness Isn’t Enough!

August 13, 2012

Happiness . . . seems at some point in our lives, our days, we’re likely feeling it or seeking it . . . but like chocolate or potato chips, somehow it seems unlikely to satisfy for very long if at all.  We seem to constantly need more and while it can be found, it grows harder and harder as we continually need more and more of it to satisfy what we believe we need.  So, what’s up with this?  One response to this is . . .

Happiness is a skill. It requires effort and time.

– Andrew Weil –

Perhaps this quote is true for some, but I think we may call it a skill because we have an inner need to put a label on the unsatisfactory nature of seeking happiness.  Happiness is something we do need to “work” at because it is reliant on stimulus.  The real answer to our hunger is not happiness, it is our need for joy!  The difference between the two is staggering!  You see, joy comes from our soul and does not require external stimuli.  It is a gift to us from Jesus Christ.  We don’t need to make an “effort” to receive it unless loving Jesus is an effort, but for those who know Him, the love comes easily in great abundance – so much so that we must give it away and amazingly, when we do share our bounty it is replenished so generously that we have even more to give! 

Happiness . . . don’t settle for it.  Jesus has something far greater in store for you!  His joy regardless of your circumstances – be lifted up by it, renewed and refreshed.  Suddenly, your circumstances, no matter what they are, won’t look the same! 


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