November 10, 2018

It always seems so difficult

to have lost the ones you love

even though we know that they

are pain free up above.

But oh the happy memories

that come back with a start!

For I know that they are nearest

When I look inside my heart.

By Martha L Shaw ©2018



November 5, 2018

LORD, thank you for taking residence in my heart and soul and for never giving up on me even when I weaken and am tempted to give up on myself!  Strengthen me to see beyond the darkness where there is Light and to shine Your light on those whom you place in my path.  Your glory IS my joy now and always!  AMEN






July 7, 2018


I stand on the shore.

Low tide twinkles like diamonds!

When the time is right,

The tide comes in – high, mighty . . .

Yet beautiful just the same!


By Martha L Shaw – © 2018

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Tears of Joy

May 6, 2017

I sit at the water’s edge

hearing the music of the droplets

tumbling over the rocks at the shore . . .

sounds of strength and hope.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  2015

rocky shore

Who Do You Listen To?

March 2, 2017


The Gardener

He prepared the soil,

pulled the weeds,

gave the seed

all it needed.

“It is good” He said.

Does the flower know it’s beautiful?

By Martha L Shaw © 3-9-2015

I wonder if we realize, deep within us, that the Lord intends us to love ourselves? Be with that. Do you? Do you really? Do you, instead, focus on societal or familial expectations or false beliefs? Do I . . . can I love the one theLord intended me to be whether or not friends approve of my choices? Is not His will alone my top priority? Can I accept or truly reflect His love if I do not love myself? I believe our society can negatively affect our priorities but I also believe living in Him surpasses all else, if we listen and follow. He’s got this.


February 10, 2017

Seasons Do Change

As the choir sang

In my personal sanctuary

I heard the last bits of the rains of yesterday

Drip from the roof deck above.

Tiny bits of pollen in the air

Caused an itch

Or the occasional twitch,

But brought as well a reminder

Of the coming of spring.

It won’t be long, now.

By Martha L Shaw – ©2014

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November 28, 2016

I always thought of vigor as strong arms, strong legs, athletic ability, amazing muscles, physical strength strangers see and gasp and whisper as I pass . . . the dictionary depicts it that way.   It is nothing like that!

I do not have that physical prowess of which I still desire, but . . . this heart of mine, no longer mine, holds all I need.  I gave it over to the lover of my soul and He gave me His.  This weak and broken human needs no strength of her own if she trusts in Him . . . my vigor is His heart and hand in me/mine.

The more I surrender, the more I become in Him.  I know a love beyond defining.  It is His for me and mine for Him.  Through His heart – His eyes – His strength, I can do all things, and the view from there?  Amazing!


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September 16, 2016


I was strong . . . or so I thought.

As the mighty oak in my yard,

Yet it was taken by the storm

While the seemingly fragile pine survived!

Perhaps we define fragile wrongly . . .

From Whom comes your true strength?


By Martha L Shaw ©2016



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Six Word Saturday

September 7, 2013

Replace my weakness with Your strength


Olympics – Gold Metalist!

July 25, 2012

You!  It can happen!   It’s true! 

I know, the thought of something like that, to many of us, is ‘OH, yeah, but . . . ” However, I am merely stating facts here.  You have it in you to have your very own Olympic GOLD metal around your neck.  It’s there.  You – you’re already a winner and you didn’t have to get sweaty.  You didn’t have to fly to London, work through the crowds in the London airport . . .  Jesus Christ won the GOLD for you.  He’s holding the prize in His hands and it’s got your name on it.  YOU = Winner of Olympic Gold? 

Sounds crazy, but what sort of Olympic event are you facing right now?  For what BIG challenge are you trying to find strength?  In which event are you thinking “not sure I have it in me”

Philippians 4:13

\”13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”




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