January 8, 2017

The Way You Love Me

As I hold your hand

And we take our morning walk

My heart leaps within me.

My desire becomes less and less

Of what the future holds.

As long as you hold my hand

Tomorrow and other tomorrows

Matter not.

I am basking in today!

By Martha L Shaw – © 1-14-2015



May 8, 2016


Here we stroll,

Just you and I.

My hand, my heart, my soul

My all are yours!

I hunger to share you with the world,

And oddly . . . wonderfully when I do,

You are more deeply mine!

I can’t explain,

I can only proclaim

And hold out my burning wick

That all may know the fire of your love!


By Martha L Shaw – © 2016

holding hands



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