But Lord I Can’t!!!!

May 6, 2011

Our Lord does NOT call the enabled, He enables the called.  It’s so true and yet so hard to swallow.  Hard because surrendering to Him and trusting is something we must remind ourselves to do so constantly, or at least I do but I don’t believe I am alone in this.  In a post I made here a long time ago (here’s the link:  https://inlovewiththelord.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/let-your-light-shine/) I touched on this but I feel led to revisit it because it’s so important for us to lead others to Christ and even when we surrender and say “lead me Lord, I’m ready” we find that while He does have work for us to do, it sometimes makes us feel inadequate.  Perhaps I’m preaching to myself here, but as I said He wanted me to write this and I’m trusting and following through. 

Just last evening, I was at a prayer service at church and during quiet time was full of self doubt concerning the direction I feel He’s leading me toward and found a small voice inside me saying “you’re wrong.  You’re not listening correctly.  You’re not the one He’d choose for that.”  Suddenly, all the things He’d been putting in front of me and in my heart suddenly seemed in question.  Then someone else at the prayer service began to pray and his words betrayed the same small voice telling him the same lies.  As we broke up for the night, yet another friend at the service spoke of her own path and the fact that she’d also been in a touch spot in her life and the need for provision led her in a direction that seemed crazy.  She said “I never did that before.  I’ve never studied it.  How can it be for me?”  But He enabled these people.  He placed people and other resources in their life which gave them more that what they needed.  I’m thinking He will enable me as well.  He needs us.  There are so many in this world whom He loves so much but they don’t know Him and are hurting.  We are His body in this world.  When He asks you to follow, say yes.  He will be there and will give you more than you need.  If you’re asked to step into the sea with Him, don’t worry that. Like me, you know you can’t swim.  He’ll simply enable you to walk on water.  He will en ABLE us!


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