Put on your shoes!

July 27, 2015

Everybody says, at some point “if only I had the talent to be . . .” a writer, a dancer, a singer, a chef. . . . lay aside the award you covet and pick up the pen, the spoon, the sheet music . . . put on the shoes! You can only be a dancer IF YOU DANCE! – Martha L Shaw​


Regifting God’s Way

August 3, 2013

Okay, regifting sounds distasteful, but I’m not referring to the sweater from Aunt Sally, but rather the talents God gave you.  He gave you gifts and it blesses Him and your brothers and sisters if you share them.  Besides, surely it is easier on everyone to reduce the number of odd neckties and peculiar pairs of earrings in the world?  What can you do?

  1. bake something
  2. babysit
  3. prepare a double portion of dinner and deliver one to a friend?
  4. pet sit
  5. knit, crochet, or quilt something
  6. recover a chair
  7. paint or draw something
  8. good with a camera?  How about a family photo shot or a nature scene?
  9. Are you a poet?  Print one of your pieces using a pretty font and image

The sky’s the limit –  share your gifts – and in the comment section here, share your ideas!

framed poetry

Wasted Talent

October 19, 2012

We have all been created with uniqueness and talent and gifts from God.  Some say “I have no talent” but perhaps they seek to be a famous painter when God wished them to sing?  To be a great paino player when God blessed them with talent to tend a garden and bring beauty and good food into being?  Think about it.

It takes no more effort to be positive and express joy then it does to be negative and complain . . . it is no different from looking to the left or to the right and yet . . . it makes ALL the difference!

Oh, How He Loves Me!

May 6, 2011

Okay, if you thought this was an article about a  romanic and passionate experience I had to share, you’ve stumbled upon the wrong blog . . .

Passionate it is, though!  I’m hearing a line from a favorite praise song in my heart and head just now.  I must say it’s delightful when my heart and head are on the same “team.”  It’s not always the way.  I was not exactly “high on life” earlier today and remarkably – rather than stew for a while and eventually think of praying, I prayed right away and then got involved in doing some things that needed doing.  Wish I could say that this Christian is just so focused on the Lord that this is simply a common occurance, but being human brings with it a host of imperfections and yup, I’ve got ’em.  Like a broken watch, though, I must say I get it right twice a day anyway . . . at least that .  . . I hope . . .

When we surrender ourselves to the Lord and say “use me . . . fill me” we’d better be ready to receive our “honey do” list fast.  He hears a willing heart and He says “sign  up!  Here’s your first job!  Go to it!”   It’s funny, but shortly after I prayed the words  I prayed, I found myself blessed not once but three times!  First with a lovely conversation with a stranger, then with finding myself say to someone “you need to let it go.  It’s not yours to worry about.  Give it to the Lord.  He’ll handle it and enable you.”  Then I heard myself telling someone else “It just takes a willing heart.  God will provide the ability.” 

These things took place in under an hour from the time I felt “off” and prayed about it and are all direct answers to that prayer.  Just further proof, if any is needed, that He loves us totally and completely and He so desires us to “get close and personal” with Him.  I’ve said this many times since my friend Rick “used it on me” and I’ll say it again.  Our Lord does not call the enabled – He enables the called!  Thanks be to God!

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