Tanka Midday Uplift

January 31, 2013



sometimes you just have to trust

and are rewarded.

Feel the warmth of Jesus’ smile

and a bad day becomes good!

by Martha L Shaw – Copyright 1-31-2013

A Tanka Poem Celebrating Change

September 29, 2012

Dry leaves falling fast

Prepare a place for new birth

Beauty all its own

Leaving ablaze with color

Then a time of rest and growth

By Martha L Shaw – Copyright 9-29-2012

God’s Love – A Tanka Poem

September 24, 2012


Every drop of rain,

Every gleaming ray of sun,

Every preacher’s word . . .

Repackaged , reawakened,

Alas, heart and soul rejoice!

                                                                                           by Martha L Shaw – Copyright 9-24-2012

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