The Teacher

August 12, 2013

The task waited,

And waited,

And waited,

And finally I was staring at the calendar . . .


It was time to act.

Actually, it was weeks beyond that,

But finally I was forced to do so.

Why did I listen to the wrong voice?

It is done.

It was simple.

He told me so, I’m sure,

Yet I was distracted by foolishness

Loud enough to drown out

His voice.

His love and patience . . .

Beyond measure.


Another lesson learned.


By Martha L Shaw – ©8-12-2013

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September 2, 2011

I have updated my “About Martha L Shaw” page, so to catch up on what I’ve been up to and what seems to be on the path ahead of me, check it out!  Thanks for stopping by!  Come back often!  I update my blog constantly!

Look Where You’re GOING!

August 4, 2011

So, since I got up this morning, I’ve been hearing a lot of things I’ve heard before.  Usually this means I’ve heard them but I’m not really listening, but today after a few repeats of the same thing, I began to hear them in a new way and it got me thinking . . .

  •  I remember my driving instructor.  Okay, I was very young so I’m recalling him through that lens, so I am revealing this to you not as I might see things now, but I honestly recall him as a total jerk.  That being said, the only thing he said to me that keeps coming back to me over and again through the years is “where you look is where you’ll head.”  Hmmmm . . .
  • So, when you hear someone say “WOW, what an ATTITUDE” do you think you’ve blessed them?
  • I hear a lot of heavy sighs during my average day . . . why aren’t they from pleasure?  We share our complaints, why not share something better?
  • I hear the words “what NEXT” on a daily basis . . . do you?  When we hear this do we ever smile and await a testimony to blessings received?
  • At a meeting last night a friend pointed out that she’d spent much of her life waking up to blue skies, sunshine, birds singing, flowers in bloom . . . but never saw or heard a thing.  Her eye sight and hearing are just fine . . .
  • At another meeting last night, as we were about to go home, the closing statement by the one leading it was to ask us to be still and focus on what we’re sad about.  Why did I do that?  Why would I want to? 
  • One of my favorite priests gave a sermon a long time ago and all I remember is that he pointed his finger as though to draw our attention to something, but most of us looked at the finger . . .

  Steve . . . that was the name of the driving instructor that I can only really recall thinking of as a jerk.  You know what though?  I am not that young person anymore and I’ve learned to see and hear and focus on more than that.  His words, intended to keep my on the right path as a new driver have helped keep me on the right path as an individual.  Where you look really is where you’ll head.  Are you looking up?  My dear, dear friend Becky is with Jesus now and truly suffered during her lifetime on earth, but even when her physical pain was great, her smile and her love of the Lord and her love of everyone around her was what I saw reflected in her face and shining in her eyes.   Now, that’s an attitude!    It drew people to her, and drew people to Christ.  When I heave a sigh, are people drawn to want some of what I’ve got  . . . or compelled to run in the other direction?  As I look at my life in the last few years, my reaction used to be “what next” and that meant I’d had more than I could handle, or so I thought.  When I look at my life through a new lens, I see a big challenge which is still unresolved, but everything else I see is the hand of God . . . one challenge, and many blessings. 

 My friend last night, when she spoke of the blue sky, the birds singing, and the flowers . . . and admitted at our meeting that they were always there but that she never used to see them?  I smiled thinking I’ve done that too.  I also remembered attempting to tackle the unruly mess that my hilly front yard was when I tried to ready my old house to be put on the market.  In the middle of all that, I can recall discovering that SOMEHOW a single tulip managed to grow.  I didn’t plant it. I think I mowed it down when I complained and sweated and tried to heave the lawn mower up and down the rocky and awkward slopes.  Now, thinking about life and the world as it is this side of the Kingdom . . .  I want to be that tulip.  At that meeting last night when we focused, as asked, on something sad . . . the intent was to then surrender it.  How often do I fail to do so?  I know better, but still walked out the church door feeling weighed down.  Then in the parking lot I noticed the attractive, smiling man beside me and we chatted and laughed and I let go of my sadness without even thinking about picking it back up.  Thinking back on it, I’m still leaving it behind.  I’d rather hold onto the smile I found walking next to me. 

 I’m also thinking of my dear, sweet priest friend and wondering what he was preaching about the day he suddenly raised his arm and pointed a finger, saying “look!”  I think no matter where life takes me I’ll remember that instruction and remember the reflection of Jesus in his eyes.  You know he, like many, works very hard.  Somehow, though, I can almost always see the reflection of Christ’s love coming through Him and reaching out to me.  When people think about me long after we’ve parted company, I want them to recall me as a mirror reflecting His light, too!  If we bump each other in a grocery checkout line and you call out “look where you’re going!”  Don’t be offended if I smile.  I may be a klutz, but I know where I’m going.

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