Thoughts Over Morning Coffee

September 21, 2015

When we approach the world around us looking with the eyes of Christ, our blindness is immediately healed. – Martha L Shaw – Thoughts Over Morning Coffee


Lesson From Nature

April 23, 2015

When an eagle gazes skyward before taking flight, do you think he stops to consider the vastness of the sky before choosing to soar? From Thoughts Over Morning Coffee by Martha L Shaw

angel wings

Thoughts Over Morning Coffee by Martha L Shaw On Peace

April 17, 2015

Our prayer NEVER needs to be “give me peace” because the peace that passes understanding is WITHIN us. Our prayer needs to focus on putting out the trash that blocks us from experiencing it! – from Thoughts Over Morning Coffee by Martha L Shaw

morning coffee


March 26, 2015

Why do we look down on the weak? Taking ownership of my weakness is one of the greatest gifts I can give myself since the admission opens the door to His strength in me! – from Thoughts Over Morning Coffee byMartha L Shaw

morning coffee

A New Outlook?

March 23, 2015

Some of us live such ordinary lives while others soar to the extraordinary . . . is the difference truly our circumstances, or could it be our focus? – from THOUGHTS OVER MORNING COFFEE by Martha L Shaw​morning coffee


January 6, 2015

Running errands with a friend once, we took a wrong turn, or so we thought, and discovered a combination second hand bookstore and homemade ice cream place! I think following the Lord’s path is often like that. We think ahead and are sure of the destination, freak out when we think we’re lost . . . then He leads us straight to the most AWESOME treat EVER! – From Thoughts Over Morning Coffee by Martha L Shaw


Gift of a Broken Heart

December 26, 2014

broken hearted\

Truly loving is the only thing, I think, that can really break the human heart. Perhaps, though, THAT is a gift since the Lord, if we let Him. will take all those imperfect fragments and with a kiss will create a new heart within us – His own! – from Thoughts Over Morning Coffee by Martha L Shaw

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