Glamous Life – Tragic Death – Time To Remove Our Masks

February 3, 2014
We admire others, covet what we perceive them to have as though it was taken from us, we fool ourselves into thinking others have “it” easy and we do not . . . we are blind to the reality that is THEY view us the same way. Sometimes all that talent, money, bright lights, and “glamour” becomes a corpse on the floor with the needle still in the arm and 50 bags of heroin nearby waiting to mask reality.
RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman and so many others who’ve lost the battle the same way.  Lord save us from ourselves and in our weakness fill us with your strength.

9/11 A Day To Change The World

September 11, 2012

Most of us are thinking many things today as we remember what happened not so very long ago on this day.  I am at this moment preparing to teach a one-hour creative writing class for 4-7 year olds.  I’m sure they’ve been hearing things which are scary to them.  Those things we’re hearing scared us,  and we are a lot more able to understand such things than the wee ones . . . yet in this case it is hard to comprehend.  It is harder still to be unafraid, to be without anger . . . but in my heart I can’t help but think that if the tragedy that happened doesn’t make us try harder to care about all around us, then surely those many many folks will have died in vain.  So, what I plan to teach my wee ones today to how to change the world.  They will be asked to tell a story of doing kindness one for another.  If each one of us focuses on doing something extra and positive to impact the life of just one other living soul in this world, do you realize how huge an impact it will make?  Do it.  Change the world.  We can – just one heart at a time!

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