Waiting for a Blessing That Makes Sense?

September 9, 2011

I’m thinking about the lame man who hung out by the pool of healing waters for nearly 40 years until Jesus came along.  Did he not want to be well?  I’ve often thought perhaps he enjoyed the pity he must have received.  I don’t think that way anymore.  First of all, after all that time lying around by the pool, likely nobody noticed him there anymore.  That’s not all though.

It seems to me that inching toward the pool, which might well have worked for him, probably didn’t make sense.  We do seem to crave “sensible” things in life and I think we expect blessings to fit that same pattern, so when the Lord sends us his angels and other messengers and when He nudges us, speaks to our hearts and the like, we can perhaps think that what we’re hearing can’t possibly be right.  “It makes no sense.”  Possibly not.  Don’t let that stop you, though.

Much of my life in the last few years hasn’t made any sense and much of it still doesn’t, but at the same time I have to say I feel more blessed than I ever have.  I have come to know that grace is being poured over and through me always – if I quit over thinking and let my heart be broken into bits so that He can fill it and make it His own. 

Most of the things I was initially shocked at but tried anyway turned out to be AMAZING.  Yes, sometimes I wanted a quick fix, an instant miracle, a certain shiny new toy.  If I got a slight and incomplete repair, toy that wasn’t on my list, or an opportunity that seemed REALLY meant for someone else, and if I accepted these gifts anyway, I found He was perfect and through Him I was enabled.  I also learned more about my heart.

You see, He knows my heart better than I do.  Know what else?  He can make it grow, make it change, make me grow and make me change.  You can’t do that.  I can’t do that.  He can.  I’ve been that man by the side of the pool.  Maybe you have too.  When a toy comes your way that’s not on your list . . . when a blessing comes your way that doesn’t make sense . . . try it.  Take it. 

The whole concept of “making sense” is so overrated.  I’m no longer willing to settle for it.  The Lord my God is so much bigger than I ever allowed Him to be.  His blessings are amazing!   They turn up in places and on faces that you may never have thought to look.  Try it!  Say yes!  What have you got to lose?  Not sure about you, but my plan wasn’t really working as well as I’d expected, so I took a chance on Him.  I’m not turning back!  




Weather or Not

August 6, 2011

As I sit here at the keyboard and as I was just about to click “enter” and pop to one site or another in this cyber world, I was interrupted by darkness, then rain, and now thunder . . . got me to thinking about interruptions which we sometimes mistake as a curse when they are really blessings . . .

The neighbors have dogs which do not like this noisy weather and don’t understand it much . . . so I know right now, there are adults sitting in comfy chairs in living rooms with dogs in their laps . . . the dogs shaking in fear until the human speaks in soft tones.  I know they likely had other things to do, but somehow the image of a stormy day and providing comfort to a creature that only knows how to love us seems a blessing to me . . .

A friend from church has a small boy.  He’s just a year old and just started to walk.  It excites her to see this and also reminds her that he’s growing up so fast . . . there was a message a little while back, not so long ago, of a day when he was extra clingy.  She spent a great deal of time that day just cuddling him . . . she had so much else to do that day, and yet I know what she spent her time doing blessed her . . .

There was a little girl in my life some years back . . . we were taking a walk.  It was a walk with a purpose.  It was hot and we didn’t have a car that day and we needed to get to the store.  She stopped.  I prodded her to “come along now” and turned to see that she’d stopped to poke at some weeds.  I was about to tell her to leave that mess alone when she turned to me with love in her eyes and said “flowers for you Aunt Martha.”  I had those treasured “flowers” in my room for a long time after they’d gone limp and then dry . . . I now carry the memory . . .  and it blesses me still. 

It is positively pouring out just now.  I remember a time I was heading from the subway to a college I wanted to attend.  I was required to be interviewed before I could be officially accepted.  I didn’t listen to the forecast that day and thus as I rushed up the street just two blocks from the school and the registrar’s office, I got soaked by a sudden rain and realized I had no umbrella.  I was shocked, felt stupid, and was sure the interview would go badly, but then I realized that I was beyond the point of doing anything to change my circumstance and started to laugh!  The rain stopped as I headed into a public restroom and dried my hair using the hand blower.  I was distracted by all that and forgot to be uneasy over my interview.  I got accepted probably because the rain made me forget to be afraid I’d fail. 

So, rain on!  I didn’t really want to go out and run errands.  They can wait.   I shall curl up in my recliner with a good book.  We have enough bread and milk to wait another day or two. 

Life is full of unexpected blessings!   Embrace them!

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