January 7, 2013

Another look at my nine patch variation on Danish Heart Baskets with cost and options for fibers . . .

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Here’s a new view of the Danish Heart Baskets I shared (with a link to instructions) in my last post.  These were made from craft felt.  Assuming you pay 50 cents for the two contrasting sheets of felt, this means you can make 4 of these cute baskets for one dollar (less if you hit a great price on the craft felt.

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These can also be made from different sized rectangles of the felt, but I’m also thinking this would be fun to make from all sorts of fibers . . . I’m thinking palm branches, for one . . . In this photo you can see 3 of the 4 I made from  2 sheets of felt.  My adaptation of the pattern resulted in a “nine patch” look to the baskets.  I did this adapted technique without noticing initially, but being a quilter, it appealed to me so this…

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