Which is my Anchor?

December 22, 2016

Someone says “ride with me!”

With a delighted blend of calm and joy,

I join him and

The coaster rises and drops

Then rises again!

See my excited smile!

Another day

A voice in my soul says

“come” and points to the boat and a fisherman.

My thoughts of “but isn’t that Him?”

Don’t calm my fear

As with shaking legs

I head for the boat and grab a net

And with no joy

I listen for a storm.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2016

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Peter And I

September 11, 2014

me with deb hersey

Sometimes listening and following Christ is so much like learning to walk, to swim, to ride a bike. We tremble with excitement and fear and cry out “show me . . . help me!” Suddenly, if we open our eyes, we discover we are not where we used to be. We are away from the water’s edge. What is next is up to us. Do we sink or realize He was there all along and it was easier than we thought!

Stormy Weather

February 22, 2012

What season are you in?  Is there some spiritually stormy weather there?  The Lord just reminded me of something and I am going to share it with all of you.  We all know He is with us in the “storm.”  Somehow, that wonderful and amazing knowledge doesn’t always make its way from my heart and soul to my mind on a stormy day, and if you are like me then perhaps you can relate.  What I just heard Him remind me of is that He walked on water. 

At first, this seemed unremarkable as He said it to me just now.  I adore Him and believe He can do all things, so why tell me this?  Know what?  He could walk on water whenever He chose to, but He didn’t go for a stroll on a lovely spring or summer day with blue skies and sunshine and a gentle breeze cooling His human sweat . . . 

His chosen were battling a wind storm and it was on this occasion that He revealed Himself in this profound way.  He got up and charged into the storm and the seas became calm.  Notice, when He walked toward them on the wind driven rough waters, they were full of fear and unaware that He was near.  They thought He was a ghost.  He is close by us at all times, and in particular when we face rough seas.  He still walks on the stormy seas of our life just as He did then and He still commands the storm to pass.

My Kreativ Blogger Award – Confessions and Nominations!

January 13, 2012


I am happy to share with you that I have been blessed to be nominated for a Kreativ Blogger Award.

It was created by bloggers to promote other bloggers and comes to us from the author of the blog

“Did Jesus Have a Facebook Page?”

I am grateful.


I am so happy to not only have received this honor but also have the opportunity to share my faith with all of you, my friends and readers.  To God be the glory!  In order to accept this award, I must select 6 individuals to nominate for their own Kreativ Blogger Award and I  need to “confess” to all of you 10 things you likely do not know about me.  I am not sure which part will be more difficult, the confessing or limiting myself to just 6 folks to nominate!  Well, I can do this.  Hey, if David Letterman can come up with his top ten, then so can I! 

To begin, I would like to nominate the following 6 bloggers to receive this award:








Now, as to what you might not know about me . . .

1.      When I was a baby, my parents gave me the nickname “Muffin.”  To this day I do not know what they were thinking and if I bumped into my Godparents even now they’d run over to give me a hug and greet me with “Hi Muffin!”  Sigh.  Still, there are worse nicknames and until now most people in my life didn’t know about this one. 


2.      Speaking of names, I had a cousin, my Mom’s cousin actually, and she lived in the country.  Perhaps this is why whenever she saw me as a child she’d greet me loudly with “Hi, Martha Lee!”  I always promised myself if I had children, I’d be careful in selecting a middle name just incase they met cousin Frances . . .


3.      Okay, this is a big one.  Prepare yourself.  I am originally from the northeast . . .  MA, to be specific.  I am a Boston Red Sox fan.  The big reveal?  My second favorite team in the New York Yankees!  This has gotten me in trouble for years and I dare not go to a game because where would I sit?  My dream is that the teams which make it to the World Series every year would be my Red Sox and the Yankees! 


4.      At my church during the peace, we always seem to be hugging and kissing.  It’s wonderful.  Good thing it wasn’t that way when I was a kid, though.  When I was very young, I was sure if a male kissed me I’d get pregnant! 


5.      So, I enjoy quilting and you probably know this from this blog and my second one.  It might surprise you to know that if I lose a button off a blouse, that blouse will upon laundering wind up in the back of the closet minus said button and likely will never be seen again . . . I hate sewing buttons on and will only do so if I “have to.”


6.      I love reading . . . one of my favorite ways to relax?  Indulging in a really good children’s book.  Sadly, the children in my life have outgrown them, but I never did.  How sad!


7.      You might hate me for this one, but if the driver on the road behind me acts impatient, I slow down.  Life’s too short, get over it. 


8.      I have never learned to swim.  I almost drowned once and it kinda lost it’s appeal for me after that.  I love cruises though.  Spoil me.  Please.  Hey, I figure if the ship tips over, I know Jesus will be with me and if Peter could walk on water, maybe I can too? 


9.      Green living – well, I’m not the most dedicated to it.  I don’t have patience when it comes to washing my rubbish, but if eating spinach counts, I’m in!  I could live on spinach!  Hey, if you remember childhood cartoons then you know it is powerful stuff!


10.   The BIGGEST REVEAL YET.  I actually think this rotten, stinkin’ economy was a blessing to me.  Yes, it is true.  I’ve always been a Christian, but during this time of wondering how I’d keep a roof over my head without a job (and I am still wondering about that) I’ve come to know Jesus in a wonderful way and more deeply than I’ve ever known Him.  Life has had it’s tragic parts and might have more, but if going deep with Jesus means living through those times too, it’s worth it and I’d do it all over again.  I just love Him so much! 


I was nominated by http://keziahcarrie.com/ and I thank her very much.  I encourage you to check out her blog!

Will I Swim, Drown, or Walk on Water?

August 5, 2011

They say that  babies learn to swim very quickly and easily.  I’ve read of folks “simply dropping” the baby into the water and finding them taking to it quite naturally.  Why is this?  Is it nature and not nurture?  Is it their memory, still somewhat conscious, of life in the womb?  More likely, this natural affinity for swimming is the result of the absence of fear.  We aren’t born afraid.  We learn that outside the womb.  We do a masterful job of it, too.  Okay, I can only truly speak for myself on this, but I have come to finally realize that I’m not the only one who feels the things that I feel and  faces the things that I face in life.  So, what’s up with this water thing?  I have never learned to swim.  Some would label me as “middle aged” and you can imagine my reaction to that label, but regardless of that I am an adult and have been one for a long time and no, I cannot swim. 

Not too long ago, the Bible reading at church was from the gospel of John 5:1-18 where we learn of the man who spent 38 years by the pool and knew that if he could just bring himself to get wet, he would be healed of what ailed him and yet he stayed dry and also whined about being left out.  He chose to be left out.  He “could have” or “should have” made other choices.  What’s the worst that could have happened?  Was he not miserable anyway?  I’ve always thought he showed himself to be such a lazy and foolish person to have made the choice he did.  You can imagine how unsettling it was for me to realize that in some respects I am him!   I don’t recall the story revealing his age to us, but I might be the same age as he was.  Hmmm . . . and so I have spent life near enough to the pool to see and hear how much fun everyone was having, yet not close enough to the edge to cause anyone to suggest I join in.  I never dipped my toes into the water.  Still, I felt left out and somehow wished I’d been invited in . . . knowing full well I’d have declined. 

So, yes it is true.  I have never known how to swim. Why?  Was it fear? Was it shyness? Who knows.  But now suddenly, and after more than 38 years on dry ground secretly yearning, I find myself jumping in and realizing there are really just three things that can possibly happen as a result.  I will learn to swim and fast . . . I will walk on water . . . or I may drown. I’m jumping in anyway. Who am I? Maybe I’m finally finding ME? 


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