December 10, 2018


That joy and wonder . . . take hold of it . . . such a gift



November 25, 2016


As we approach the season of joy and wonder, I find myself gazing at the babe but seeing something more . . .

Was That The Tree?

Gazing at my picture book,

one which someone cast aside,

I spied a picture of a tree . . .

the “Holy Land” the title said,

though surely nothing there

remains from Jesus’ day  . . . .

nothing but perhaps that tree

believed to be perhaps

a remainder of a time long past

but burned into the heart and soul

within me.

If this tree could talk,

would it tell of a man who leaned against it,

one who smiled,

one who loved,

one who willingly died for me?

Could it have been a limb

from that very tree

on which the deed was done?


by Martha L Shaw – Copyright 11-26-2012


“Shocked by wonder!”

April 7, 2016

Have we become so tainted by our own selfishness

that NOTHING astonishes us anymore? I pray that will never happen to me!

Thank you, Lord, for not giving up on me!


February 8, 2016

I rise.

I fall.

I crawl.

All the while there is infinite wonder.

By Martha L Shaw ©1-29-2016

jesus hugs

Are YOU Full of Wonder? I Am!

December 24, 2013

There is nothing like that feeling – being full of wonder.  I have felt it a lot in the last few days.  This got me to thinking and the result was to look further into the concept of “wonder.”  What I discovered was initially quite surprising.  For starters, the word appears in the Bible 104 times, compared to the word “awe” which appears a mere 51 times got me thinking even more.  So I looked up “wonder” in the dictionary.  This is where my surprise came from.  The word, at once, means all of the following:

  • To speculate
  • To doubt
  • To be filled with admiration, amazement or awe
  • To marvel

Laying next to me on my desk is a book by Ken Duncan calledExperience the Presence of God  and it is full of the wonder of God, yet as I say this I realize that there is a reason that the word “wonder” appears more than twice the number of times in the Bible than the word “awe” does.

Humans do speculate.  We have doubts.  We come to new realizations through faith and then come quickly to the conclusion that the evil one has planted those doubts and caused the speculations, but might it be that our human weakness is also a factor?  I think it is.  Then, looking to the  rest of the definition, we are brought to how much more meaning there is in the word “wonder” and in this we find the true definition of our reaction to our Lord as we grow to know Him in a deep and personal way.

That baby whose birth we celebrate at this last week in December who is our King of Kings all at once does indeed fill us with awe, with admiration, with amazement.  Who can fail to know Him and not marvel at His love for us?  I do not think I ever came close to understanding what love is until I was blessed by a deep and personal love relationship with Him.  One day, I shall sit at His feet, but in the meantime, I shall tell of His wonder to all I meet and I pray that my unconscious words and deeds tell of His wonder as clearly as my conscious ones, for those can be the ones that reveal the most!

“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted”  Job 5:9

What Children Teach Us

December 19, 2013

We teach children how to measure and how to weigh. We fail to teach them how to revere, how to sense wonder and awe. – Harold Kushner 


Jesus told us we must be like children.  There is much to learn from them.

Quote of the Day For Wednesday – Wonder

January 9, 2013

Wonder is the heaviest element on the periodic table. Even a tiny fleck of it stops time

– Diane Ackerman –


Oh, this is so true!  I grant you, on one of “those days” which for me is how this one began, it can be difficult to see the wonder in the midst of other heavy elements, but oh, when it is permitted to be seen and felt, it truly does change things for good!

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