Words Can Make You Sink

June 29, 2013

Matthew 14:29-36

New International Version (NIV)

29 “Come,” he said.

Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. 30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”

31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

I just heard a young veteran, a born again Christian, speak of his time in Afghanistan.    He was injured badly there, losing both legs as he did his job . . . securing a building without knowing he was standing on a bomb.

He said that he didn’t feel the pain and thus didn’t have fear of losing his legs.  He said that he felt the Holy Spirit within him and felt assured he would go on and life would be good.  Maybe different but good and perhaps better than before.  Then he heard his buddies around him speaking of how bad he was and how they’d never seen such a dreadful injury.  His fear came then.

In the quote from Matthew’s gospel, we hear of Peter walking on water and his ultimate sinking into it as he looked to the wind  . . . now, having heard this young man speak, the question becomes what made Peter lose his faith and begin to sink?  What made him look to the wind and not to his Lord?  Was it perhaps the sounds of his friends in the boat who were worried about him and perhaps calling out in fear “here, Peter, grab this rope and we’ll help you back into the boat!”

Peter’s situation, storm or no storm, was unchanged.  He WAS able to walk on water toward his Lord and yet in that same situation and set of circumstances Peter also quickly began to sink.  We know the ending . . . Jesus was there and had a plan.

Jesus still does.  When Peter saw the storm and heard the cries, he surely saw an impossible situation.  It was NOT impossible though.  We know why.  How often do we Christians who know Jesus still use words which rather than reflect our faith, instead cause us or someone near to sink?  The storm was still there yet the outcome was entirely different . . . Jesus words versus human words of fear.

I often wonder if my mess is because I missed something Jesus told me.  Did He let Peter sink for listening to cries of human fear and the sounds of the wind?  No, Jesus saved Peter.  He spoke to the fear and the weak faith gently to teach and not to comdemn!  You?  Me?  We are no different than Peter.  We speak in faith but we also speak in fear.  Jesus has His hand out to us.

There Is NO Right or Wrong . . .

May 22, 2013

or is there?

I was reading something earlier and a word used stuck with me.  It was used correctly, I thought, but somehow I was caught by it and had to look up the word origin.  That was an aha moment for the origin did not in any way mirror the definition as we know it today.

Neither what I was reading nor the word which caught me are the point of this little bit of “wisdom” though.  They were only the sky writing which made me look up and wonder . . .

Did you know that if we misuse, misspell or mispronounce a word often enough in society that dictionary publishers will revise the dictionary to include our error?  Furthermore, after a while and with enough revisions the original intent is often forever lost?  It’s true.  I’ve seen it.  I am one of those peculiar folks who research these things.  My use of the word peculiar was deliberate.  It is not the word which inspired this post, but merely a tie in to another blog post, I admit.  That was one in which I amended the definition of the word peculiar to its true and complete meaning – one in which I am happy to label myself with.  But, to return to my point here . . .

I believe the frequent alteration of word definitions speaks clearly of you and of me and of our society.  All too often, our poor choices and mistakes of judgment go uncorrected.  We don’t elect to grow, to learn, to rise to the occasion . . . we merely change the rules.  Sad, I think.

Right and wrong . . . does it still matter?

January 15, 2013

Love this! Words have power!


faith talks

That’s right. The devil is putting pressure on you in order to steal your confession of faith. He’s trying to get you to talk yourself out of your healing, or your prosperity or whatever else you have been trusting God to give you.

Why is the devil so interested in your words? Because he understands something most Christians don’t. He knows that if he can’t get your words, it is all over for him. If he can’t stop you from speaking words of faith, those words will blast away the mountains in your life.
Words are crucial and the devil knows it. Words of faith are your connection with the supernatural power of God. Words of unbelief cut off your source of power.
Jesus said, “…whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his…

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Wordlessness . . . A Quote For Sunday

September 30, 2012

Perhaps, this being my Sunday post, my thoughts on this quote have been slanted some but I suspect the title of “wordlessness” is not one you’d expect a writer to jump to.  Oh, but one can be inspired at any given time and love, peace, inspiration, and other delights do not always require words, do they?  My thoughts might not be what the original quote relates to, but sometimes messages go from one being to another in the way we clasp hands, enjoy a sunset, a walk on the beach, or paging through a book of memories . . . simply heart to heart and soul to soul . . .


Much of what was said did not matter, and much of what mattered could not be said.

– Katherine Boo –

How Does GOD Feel?

July 27, 2012

I just thought of a friend of mine whom I knew would not be available to take my call, but whom I had a message for.  So I texted him what I needed to say.  The message?  “I Love You.”  We know we love them.  We kinda figure they surely know we love them.  Probably they really do know it . . . but it still needs to be said. 

I was also thinking of my Godchild . . .  She is grown up now.  She’ll be coming home from her summer job soon and then moving about 1000 miles away to begin her adult life . . . post-college.  I’m already missing her even though she’s coming “home” for a month or so, but I wouldn’t change a thing about her nor do anything to hold her back even if the idea of her having a permanent residence far from me stings a bit.  Oh, her college wasn’t near but I could kid myself that “she’ll be home on break.”  Not a phrase that comforts me now.  So, she’ll be home a while and we’ll get to be together . . . I won’t be a distraction from homework or cramming for exams.  We’ll have some special time together.  I’ve loved her more than life itself since before she was born.  She is the daughter I never had, is wise in ways I cherish too, and just being present with her knowing she loves me and I love her is good. 

Oh, there are delightful memories of her helping me with things and me helping her with things and those times will always be in my heart.  There will be lots of new memories taking up residence there too.  Some of the times that I treasure most were just our being together because of that loving relationship we have. 

Do you know what?  God feels this way about us.  He delights in us and while the depth of His love is beyond the human ability to measure, the best comparison I can come up with is my love for my Goddaughter.  Sometimes He just wants us to be hanging out with Him, holding His hand, looking up at Him lovingly.  Words?  There’s not a need for any but three . . . “I love  you.”

How Children Meet God

July 24, 2012

I read this quote earlier and it was really one that touched me deeply:


The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.

– Peggy O’ Mara –


Taking Peggy’s words here a step further than she appears to say, I firmly believe and know that not only do we affect the way the children in our lives view themselves in later life, but also the way in which they know God Himself depends largely upon the way in which we talk to them and make them feel.  When we grow impatient or reactionary . . . when we speak without considering our tone, our word choice, and the power of life and death contained in words, we can do lasting damage to another OR we can lead them toward the absolute knowledge that they are beloved sons and daughters of the King of Kings.  Which image are you projecting?  Is it the one you truly desire to?  PLEASE resolve to be a positive influence moving forward!  God bless you in your journey!

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