November 30, 2015

“I know nothing, except what everyone knows —if there when Grace dances, I should dance.” – W H Auden


November 28, 2015


We light the candles to prepare

For the tiny babe and King

Yet my heart already sees

The final offering.

By Martha L Shaw ©11-24-2015


Out of the Grey – O Holy Night

November 27, 2015


November 25, 2015


You speak without words

Yet your message is so clear

And I ride the flame

By Martha L Shaw ©11-24-2015

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November 24, 2015


You were always there for me



Protecting me

And yet,

I took you for granted

Until one day.

I looked deep into your eyes

And you looked to my heart

And I gave it to you.


I was reborn!

By Martha L Shaw ©11-24-2015

When We Call


Who is your Jesus???  The question was  posed in a novel I am reading and combined with my devotional today and the Lord’s call to my heart, I must consider . . . seems to me Rick Luoni asked that once in a sermon in urging us to invite Christ into our lives and if you  know Fr Rick, he’s impossible to ignore on loving Jesus! 


The Word tells us “My light shines through you” and that is perhaps the greatest miracle of all!  I know I am weak  and broken yet  Jesus’ Word is Truth and regardless of my mess, Jesus shines through me through NO effort of my own but to say “yes” and give Him my heart.  I urge you to  invite Him in!




In The Beginning

November 19, 2015

Wee one,

as I look into your eyes

I hunger to see the world through them

as I once did!

I can almost feel

the long forgotten magic!

By Martha L Shaw ©11-18-2015

me in garden 1963



Fear Not

November 18, 2015


Finely feathered wisdom

Resting on a branch

In a fast-moving world filled with worry,

You know only peace.

By Martha L Shaw ©11-18-2015


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