Angels in Charge!

July 31, 2011

God’s grace is sufficient.  I’ve heard those words so many times.  I’ve always thought that was an odd phrase.  The word sufficient, in the ways I’ve often heard it used, didn’t sound all that great.  I mean, if my teacher claimed my test score was sufficient, I kind of figured I’d passed, but sure could have done better.  If Mom said we had a sufficient amount of milk in the refrigerator, I pretty much assumed it meant one glass for each of us was “enough” and that seconds were pretty much not going to happen.  So the words “God’s grace is sufficient” have at times sounded like we are to make do, try harder, or learn to live with it.  That is so far from the truth.  His grace is, as I view it, so far, far greater than mere sufficiency can express.  After all, something that’s sufficient is in a measurable quantity.  While His grace is steadily flowing to us, through us, and around us and He just never stops giving us more!  I say this to you now because while I was at church this morning and about midway through the service, while we prepared for Holy Eucharist and sang the Sanctus, God once again revealed Himself to me in a new and deeper way.  I am even now, several hours later, still rather shaken by His majesty and His love!  Before I tell you about today, let me back up a wee bit and share a little from the past.

Months ago, while at a mid-week prayer service, I asked one of the girls to pray for me about a concern I was dealing with.  She told me that the Lord had given her a vision for me.  She said that she wasn’t sure what it meant but could describe it clearly.  It was completely visual, and there were no words accompanying it.  What He had shown her was me surrounded by many angels.  I wasn’t sure what this was supposed to reveal to me was at that time.  I had, after all, asked for prayer about a specific concern and while it’s nice hear a vision like that expressed, it didn’t answer the question I’d asked the Lord to help with.  Well, that’s what I thought at the time.  Still I thought it was really cool!  Some time after that occasion, I was at an Easter Vigil at church and while I prayed in the darkened church I saw a vision of an angel over my head as I looked up toward the church ceiling.  I shared this with the one or two folks who were also praying during that hour on that evening.   They didn’t react as I’d expected with “oh, I saw that too.  Funny how the light from the moon shining in the window makes things look.”  They were there at the same time as I was and didn’t see anything.  I’ve been there since at that time of night and in the same light conditions.   Even though I was in the same spot, the angel wasn’t there.  It was a vision. 

I’ve often been called a visual thinker or a visual person.  I never gave it much thought.  I’ve always seen or heard things the way I do.  Thinking of it now, I realize that perhaps I do notice things in a special way that some of my friends do not.  This reveals itself in the art I create or the words I write.  I am blessed to be able to notice things that others just walk by.  It’s a blessing I’ve grown used to.  For a while now, however, the Lord has been speaking to me through this blessing of being visual.  He has on a number of occasions given me a vision that He wanted me to share with another person whom He identified to me.  He sometimes gives me a word of knowledge for others.  The two messages are similar, with the difference being one is verbal and one is visual.  Something new has been happening lately.  During my prayer and quiet time, with my eyes closed, I’ve been seeing faces . . . fleeting images, but real faces just the same.   They come to my spirit and are revealed clearly in human form.  Since the spiritual gifts He’s blessed me with include prayer for healing, I assumed that these were folks I needed to pray for.  I’ve never recognized the faces and so it made praying tricky, but when words don’t come to me in prayer I ask the Holy Spirit to give me a prayer language so that my soul can do the praying for me and my intellect can be left out of it.  This is praying in tongues.  All who are baptized in the Holy Spirit are given certain spiritual gifts.  There are many and we are all given gifts as He wishes to enable us to do His work in this world.  Paul writes of this in 1 Corinthians 12 where he says “ 4 There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. 5 There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. 6 There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men.”  So, when these images have come to me, I prayed in tongues for these whom He revealed to me.  One day this past week as I rested with the Lord, a vision that came to me looked like the face of Christ.  I admit, I didn’t give that much thought and continued to pray as I typically have done.  Today, the Lord revealed something to me which brings all of these visions I’ve just shared with you together in a profound way.

As I sang the Sanctus, which I’m quite familiar with, I found my mind wandering to the words I’d just heard in the sermon and was thinking about the urging to go deeper with our faith and to seek from the Lord what He is trying to reveal to us when we keep finding ourselves stuck in the same place.  I’d mental noted it but didn’t think there was anything at that moment that required clarification for me.  That’s when it happened.  I heard the Lord speaking to me as clearly as if you were standing here beside me speaking to me.  What He spoke of was a reminder of the angel vision someone had for me when she prayed for me with the laying on of hands, and then again when I saw the vision on the church ceiling, and then of those faces that appear to me in my own prayer and quiet time at home.  He told me that those were the faces of angels He’s given charge of to be with me.  Psalm 91:11 tells us “He will put His angels in charge over you to protect you in all your ways.”  Those words are true.  I know.  I have seen them!

To Honor My Mom!

July 30, 2011

To honor my Mother on today, her 82nd birthday, I offer you Carrie Underwood singing Mom’s favorite song:  How Great Thou Art!  As you hear the song, I ask that you please listen with your heart to these amazing words and thank Him for His many blessings!

Click Here for Carrie Underwood

Jesus and Tolstoy on Contentment

July 29, 2011

South Carolina's Mepkin Abbey


The great writer Leo Tolstoy once wrote that “ If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.”   As I considered that quote, two things came to me.  First of all the only source of perfection I know of, as a Christian, is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – the Trinity.  Jesus, in becoming God Incarnate, and thus totally human on earth, gave His life that we might be forgiven and have eternal life.  He didn’t die on the cross that we might settle for good enough, nor did He die so that we could be merely  content.  He did so in order that we might HAVE IT ALL!  That being said, you are correct Mr. Tolstoy.  However, if we look to the one who is perfect, we don’t have to settle for mere contentment!

Do You Have the COURAGE To Be WEAK?

July 29, 2011

Famous poet, author, and oh so much more, Maya Angelou said and I quote “success is loving life and daring to live it.”  Can there be a better way to express the commission we have been given, as Christians, to be Disciples of Christ in the world today?  As I turned on the news this morning and heard, as so often is the case, stories of arson, of cruelty one individual inflicts on another, stories of our government infighting which, we are told, could cause countless numbers of us not to receive our monthly income, and stories of disasters around the world . . . I turned the television set off.  I had heard enough.  I then read the quote from Angelou and wondered how can I bring this message to those in darkness and lead them to the light of Christ?  The answer came to me quickly but in the form of another question.  How can I not????  Has there ever been a time when His love was more needed?  Dear readers, His love is in our hearts.  His Holy Spirit is there to guide us and guard us.  We are broken and we are weak, but in Him we are strong!  We have His wholeness within us and His strength to rely on.  I’ve heard it said that “Christianity is not for wimps.”  I am not so sure. 

I’ve searched for success as this world sees it my entire life.  Yet, it’s a goal that I feel can never truly satisfy me even if I reach it.  Many times I have thought I had reached it.  The things of this life entice me, but getting what I ask for has so often led to disappointment.  It leads me to keep seeking and without Christ leading me, I am more than a bit like the dog that keeps chasing its own tail.  I never quite achieve what I believed was in sight.  My earthly eyes somehow do not see clearly enough regardless of how strong they are.  Through Christ, the eyes of my heart  . . . my soul see things in a whole new way, and a far better one.  I don’t believe the cliché that “Christianity is for wimps” is true.  I must surrender my own will and my own dubious strength and yield to Him . . . for that is where my strength lies.  That is where my joy comes from.  That is where I can truly, as Angelou spoke,  love life and dare to live!  Life in Christ – it is there for you!   Do you dare to live it?

Important Prayer Request

July 27, 2011

God has a unique purpose in the lives of each one of us and while we may not always understand His call or His timing, we must walk in faith knowing He will enable us.  I say this because a few years back He placed it on my heart to make a drastic life change and this has been gradually taking place ever since.  In following His new call in my life, and not entirely unlike Abraham,  I left my old life and all that was familiar, my lifelong friends, and my old career, and moved 900 miles to a new life.  He is now calling me to a new career in writing and speaking in order that I may share His word and His love with others.  I am walking in faith even though I do not yet completely understand His plan for provision and am trying to prevent fear from distracting me from being obedient to Him.  Here is where my life and Abraham’s differ as he had wealth and I do not.  The resources I had set aside for this life change are nearly gone. 

We have been told in the Bible over and over again that we are one body in Christ and that when we join together in prayer, He is with us.  Many of you have shared with me that the words He has given me to write have blessed you and it blesses me more than you know to be used by Him in this way and encourages me to remain faithful.  It is for this reason that I am looking to you, my precious readers, for your prayer support as I am facing a critical point in my life financially.  I do realize that the economy has in part impacted my challenge in finding a job, but as I am following a call the Lord has placed on my heart to this entirely new life, I don’t believe the roadblock is entirely based on our national economic crisis.  We all know that the evil one becomes more active as we seek to follow Christ. 

I am in need of solving my financial crisis and soon.  In addition to my lack of income, another factor has impacted my financial challenge.  I have also been dealing with a health problem that has resulted in multiple surgeries to save my eye sight and without employment and insurance, that has added to the financial strain.  I have heard the Lord whisper to me that He desires to bless me by the healing of my eye sight, but this has not yet fully come to pass.  I ask you to please support me in prayer both for the complete healing of my eye sight and to help me to remain faithful to my new vocation in service to the Lord.  My need for financial provision is a pressing concern not just for myself, but also because losing my home will impact my Mom who is elderly and in very poor health and lives in my home with me.   This concern distracts me from my new work for the Lord.  Please pray also for the person or persons that the Lord may be preparing to work with me in this new vocation so that they too will hear His voice.  Thank you and God bless you!

Even Nice Girls Get Pushed Too Far!

July 27, 2011

Okay, I admit it.  This bit of writing is a departure from my usual subject matter.  It contains no scriptural quotes and it DOES contain a lot of attitude and a dose of sarcasm.  However, I believe most of you will share my dismay over how completely irrelevant some of the “big news” the media SHOUTS at us truly is.  This post is on my other website which you can access simply by clicking here and is titled “No Flipflops in the Office.”  You’ll understand why when you see it. 

Inspiration From Joyce Meyer

July 26, 2011

Joyce Meyer’s Daily Devotional for today is a “don’t miss” and I recommend that you click here and read it.  Her interpretation of Ephesians 4:1-2 and her teaching that Jesus truly desires us to come to Him just as we are is a very important truth for us.  We so often find reasons not to turn to Him and we label them as “busy” and “where’d the time  go” and “I’m okay – I’ve got it covered” and much more, but some of us truly do, if we’re honest, feel unworthy and inadequate.  We are loved simply for who we are and nothing will take that away from us!  We need to remember this, especially when we are called to show compassion to one another.  Please see Joyce’s message for today and be blessed!

Soul Surfer – Bethany Hamilton (via Community)

July 25, 2011

You simply MUST read this story of faith written by a 12 year old girl! Jesus tells us we must be like a child . . . here’s proof that this is true!

Soul Surfer - Bethany Hamilton (This is a post by my 12 year old daughter Haley) The story "Soul Surfer" is an inspiring book about a surfer named Bethany Hamilton. One day, on Halloween morning, she experiences a gruesome shark attack while surfing with her best friend, and her best friend's brother and dad. Thankfully, she is able to get to the hospital and receive proper medical attention. However, when she wakes up, the doctor informs her that her left arm is missing from … Read More

via Community

His Overflowing Compassion. (via allisonfinley)

July 25, 2011

Jesus was all about compassion. We must be the same if we truly desire to be like Him and win hearts for the Kingdom!

Jesus lived in the state of compassion.  Every word He said, every thought that ran through His mind and every action He performed had the love of the Father running through it.  His Father's heart never left Him. "When He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd." -Matthew 9:36.  The Message Bible says, "His heart broke."  Does your heart ache for the lost and troubled souls … Read More

via allisonfinley

Ewww! Gross!!!!!

July 25, 2011

Gross!!!  Hmmm . . . might be betraying my generation and age by using that word, but I’ll bet you got the point.  Ewww!  Seriously.  Was tired last night and flipped through the channels on TV and came upon s show on the Food network.  Not gonna even discuss what they were eating.  Used to be alive though.  Then I flipped further and found a nature channel and not only saw a creature I’d never want to meet up close, but he was closing in on dinner and let’s just say, I flipped the channel quickly not wanting to see that.  I headed to Facebook where I found that a friend had the joy of unloading a wild beast with sharp teeth from a spot in his yard where the foolish creature had gotten caught.  Back to TV.  This time I hit a home remodeling station and found a show where they happily displayed a kitchen overrun with mice and sure enough the family was eating at the kitchen table . . . . one of those shows about people who can’t throw anything out and actually choose to live in a mess.  Okay, I live in the south and we get bugs here that are big enough to place a saddle on but I work hard to keep them far from my front door! 

Is there a point to this?  There sure is!  I was just thinking that these things I just mentioned remind me of my walk with Christ.  Yup, it’s true.  First off, He is waiting with loving arms stretched calling me ot turn over my mess to Him, yet I foolishly find myself all too often keeping my mess.  Hey, it’s familiar.  I’m used to my mess.  I don’t like my mess.  Hmmm . . . they say change can be good.  He is smiling and holding out His arms to me.  Maybe I should . . . .

I sometimes find myself trapped in a situation I got myself in . . . He is there waiting me every time.  He sets me free. 

I don’t always understand His purpose in my life, but you know what?  He had a purpose in creating those creatures I find totally gross.  He has one for me, too!  What a relief!




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