October 31, 2016


Life becomes far less eerie

when I recall who holds my hand 

and heart!

By Martha L Shaw ©2016






October 26, 2016

We read scripture and know that our Christian faith could get us killed back then.  How easily we forget that millions live where this continues today.  Believers are banned from living their faith and are still martyred every day.  It is not possible to get a valid count of the many at risk, but this could be any of us!


If loving Jesus was banned,  could you walk away?

Don’t tell me!  TELL HIM!

Transformed by the Cross

October 25, 2016

My transformation

mosaic of brokenness

reordered by God

By Martha L Shaw ©2016

Image result for mosaic cross


October 25, 2016


Homemade Books

October 24, 2016


borderline crossing

Spent an evening at the Indianapolis Art Center learning construction of homemade books. It took two hours from start to finish.

You cut paper and board to size. This particular book is 4 1/2 x 6. The beautiful paper for the cover is available at  Dolphin Papers , Franklin IN. These books are also made as softcovers, shown in the tutorials below.

The book (right hand side) is prepared for stabbing with an awl and proved surprisingly easy to make the holes for binding the book. Note: I attached the binding clips on the wrongs ends of the book  and should be placed vertically. The sewing stitch used is Japanese Stab Binding. Here are tutorials for DIY’s  Japanese Stab Binding

This is my finished product. I plan to give them as lovely gifts.

The imagination is boundless and I dare say inspiring. 10/24/2016

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The Importance of a Season of Rest

October 24, 2016

falling leaves 2

The dry leaves of my old life

Must wither and fall away.

Even as the wind

Blows the dust away,

It becomes the breath of new life

Whose seeds have already been planted.

Tiny sprouts rest and grow,

Eagerly pointing toward heaven!

By Martha L Shaw – © 10-14-2013


October 24, 2016


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